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Grilled Cheese Tomatoes

Tomatoes are amazing, aren’t they?

Juicy, sweet, plump, fresh, just the epitome of British summer produce. This is why supermarket tomatoes make me so sad. Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty cool that we can get tomatoes all year round, I just wish they tasted of something.

It’s this sinking feeling that led me towards this idea, and I’m sure will lead to further flavour enhancement experimentation in the near future.

The act of grilling the tomatoes itself makes the flavour better, adding salt and pepper improves them further, and the chilli oil and cheese make them an actually delicious side dish. I’d love it if you guys gave this a try next time you pick up some crappy toms.

Grilled Cheese Tomatoes

First thangs first, slice your tomatoes up about 1cm thick. Any thinner, you’ll start getting yourself in a mess and, any thicker, they’re not gonna go all cooked and delicious all the way through. Season really generously with salt and pepper then drizzle with a little chilli oil – or any oil that you’ve got knocking about.

Grilled Cheese Tomatoes

Then have at it with the cheese. Note that I’m not using measurements here because this is such a casual recipe, just use what you want. I used the finer side of the grater here because I was feeling fancy, but you do you.

Grilled Cheese Tomatoes

Get ’em under a hot grill for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is bubbling.

There we go, easy as that. I promise you this will make a huge difference to crappy tomatoes. These are awesome in a sandwich, as a side at dinner, whatever. Just do it! Use the social links below to let me know if you give this idea a go..

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