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St. Ives | The Breeziest Place to Get a Latte and the Best Place to Watch the Sunset

It’s been a few days since I gave you a taste of my St. Ives holiday, I figured it was about time for another update.

Before I delve into the guidebook-esque things I promised in the headline, I just have to big up the harbour fish and chips again.

Remember those fish and chips I was raving about in my last post? I totally revisited, this time for a fishcake and mushy pea fritter (I was a first timer on the latter, pretty good uh?), and it was just as amazing. This is straight up beige food porn, am I right?

The best fish and chips in St. Ives

The breeziest place to get a latte

Tate St. Ives is an amazing gallery to visit, you’ll leave feeling inspired and creative, probably having bought a gorgeous sketchbook from their literally irresistible gift shop. The real gem for us foodie view-seekers though is their cafe.

Tate St Ives Cafe Cate in the Kitchen

The view is insane, whether you’re outside or in (we were out, hence the breeziness, hold onto your napkins people). It overlooks Porthmeor Beach which is where all the best surfing happens, and the vibe is kind of indescribable. Just make sure you get yourself here before you die, k?

Also, the food up here is tasty as hell. Just look at this local mackerel situation:

Mackerel at Tate St. Ives Cafe

The best place to watch the sunset

Every time we come here, I’m in awe of the very small amount of people that are around in this particular place come sunset, because it’s clearly the only place to be. I guess they’re happier in the warm and cosy bars by the harbour, but me and my Mum are much happier in the fresh air with a bottle of wine – much cheaper too.

The Island Chapel or St Nicholas Chapel, St. Ives

So look, I don’t know what the deal is with drinking alcohol right outside a chapel, but we’re very quiet (bar the occasional giggle because I’m hilarious company) and we never leave anything behind so I feel like God would be totally cool with it.

This is The Island Chapel, otherwise known as St. Nicholas Chapel, and it’s right up on a hill in between Porthgwidden and Porthmeor Beaches. The wall that faces the sea (all of them do, but I mean like right out to sea) is sheltered from the wind and has a view that will (seriously) take your breath away.

St. Ives Sunset           St. Ives Sunset

St. Ives Sunset           St. Ives Sunset

See why I don’t wanna leave?

I’ll be back with a third and final update in a few days, but you’ll see everything as it happens on social media using the links below..

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