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The Kitchen Wishlist #2 | How D’ya Like Them Pineapples

If you’re in the UK right now, you know all too well how disappointing our summer has been so far. Boy, do I feel sorry for the kids that have just broken up from school.

I’m hoping this weeks wishlist theme is tropical enough to give you a little bit of the sunshine feeling we should be getting from the sky…

Pineapple Themed Kitchen Wishlist

Pineapple cutlery, $7 apiece, The Woodsfolk // Pineapple porcelain plate, £64.95, zazzle // Pineapple print tea towel, £10, Etsy // Pineapple candle, £4.99, H&M // Pineapple paper drinking straws, £3.99, Ginger Ray on Not on the High Street

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