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July Favourites

It’s been such a lovely month. I know loads of people have done lots of complaining about July because the weather has been so utterly miserable – which is completely fair enough of course, we’re slap bang in the middle of summer for goodness sake – but I’ve just had the best time.

I was on holiday at the beginning of the month, have jumped on loads of brilliant opportunities and been cooking some amazing food. Let me know what you’ve been up to this month (and what your favourite things have been) in the comments!

Spilled Milk

This podcast is ruining my life. By which I mean I can not stop listening to it therefore can’t get on with anything I’m supposed to be doing. I thought I loved Burnt Toast, but have found my true audio soulmates in Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton. They’re hilarious, have amazing radio chemistry and talk about food for about twenty minutes each week – really, what could be better? You can find the podcast on iTunes, check out their website and like them on Facebook too.

Spilled Milk Podcast | July Favourites

Gilmore Girls

OK, I know I’m like, a decade late on this one. I used to watch Gilmore Girls every now and then on E4 as a kid but never got hooked and watched it back to back – until this month. I kid you not, I watched the entire series this month, seasons one through seven, and I cried so hard at the finale I thought I might never stop.

I genuinely miss them now I’m not watching a couple (six or so..) episodes a day, so if anybody has post-Gilmore-Girls-depression tips, hit me with them. My very awesome Godfather recommended Parenthood (also on Netflix) which is very cool and fast becoming my new TV obsession.

Gilmore Girls | July Favouritesimage cred: The Huffington Post

Cute little jam jar toppers

As a blogger, I get a lot of PR emails about products and events that I have little or no interest in, but every once in a while, a real gem shows up. These little jar toppers from Roelofs & Rubens are so special, they add a little bit of extra charm to homemade preserves – modelled here by my Mum’s amazing rhubarb and ginger jam.

Roelofs & Rubens Review

Orange-Red Lipstick

Collection 2000 Tropical Sunset Review

I’ve wanted an orange red lipstick for ages, and this month I decided I could justify buying one because I was going on holiday. People have a weird habit of indulging themselves before they even get to their holiday destination, don’t they?

Anyway, this one is lush. I didn’t have loads to spend so I headed straight to the Collection booth (are they called booths? I don’t know) and picked up Tropical Sunset for £2.99, bargain or what? Scroll down for what it looks like on me – I bloody love it! It’s not super long lasting but it’s comfortable to wear and if you don’t mind reapplying every now and then it’s well worth every penny.

Orange Red Lipstick

PS – if you want to check out some posts from said holiday, you can find one on killer fish and chips here, a gushy sunset situation here and the best restaurant experience ever here.

Portlebay Popcorn’s New flavour

You already know I’m obsessed with popcorn, so when I was invited to try Portlebay’s new flavour I was totally on board. Coffee? Love it. Snacks? Love ’em. Someone’s combined the two in a new product? Gimme.

I’ve been tucking into a bag of these for elevenses every day this week and they hit the spot every time, definitely recommend them. I also love that they’re made in the West Country!

Portlebay Popcorn | Cate in the Kitchen

Whittard’s Alice Collection

Oh my, if you saw my blog post about this earlier this month you’ll already know I’m completely head over heels for it, make sure you check it out!

Afternoon Tea with Alice in Wonderland | Whittard

I think that’ll just about do for now, won’t it?

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