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Degustabox Review | July Box

It’s been another month already (what is with that?) which means I’ve rifled through the contents of another Degustabox to tell you all about it. If you like what you see and want to subscribe yourself, use the discount code NMIWC for £3 off.

Also, I forgot to mention last month how efficient/convenient/professional the delivery of these boxes are. It’s done by DPD and you get an email/text to tell you which day at which hour your box will arrive. Very cool. Anyway, on with the review…

Degustabox July Review

OK so first thing to get out of the way is the products I had to outsource the tasting of. Tasty Little Numbers because ready meals just make me sad (although I do appreciate the portion control aim with this product) and Weetabix on the go drinks because I didn’t want to replace my beloved breakfast with chocolate milk (25g sugar in that bottle!).

I gave these to a friend who works at an office (these both screamed office fridge to me) and he said:

Degustabox July Review | Cate in the Kitchen

I guess that’s what I get for asking a boy, right? They’re so damn descriptive. Unfortunately, he wasn’t convinced re ready meals either, I’ll have to leave you guessing on those I’m afraid..

Degustabox July Review | Taking the Pea | Cate in the Kitchen Degustabox July Review | Cate in the Kitchen

I loved Taking the Pea, wasabi peas are one of the best snacks ever! The packaging is super cute too, on the back there’s a little picture of a pea dancing to demonstrate that it would take 28 minutes of moving your body to burn off these calories – which is a pretty brave move, but very cool. While we’re in check-the-label zone, I might as well tell you that this baby is only packin’ 2g of sugar, good news for sweet-toothed junkies like me that need to tone it down with the white stuff already.

I wasn’t as mad keen on the Fru Snax if I’m honest, the freeze-dried strawberries were awesome, as freeze dried strawberries often are (thinking back to the short stint of Special K breakfasting I did as a teenager here) but the yoghurt bits did a weird fizzing thing on my tongue that I did not find cute. The packaging reminds me of things I used to see in kids’ lunchboxes at school, so maybe adults aren’t supposed to love ’em? Who knows.

Degustabox July Review | Cate in the Kitchen | Newton's Appl Fizzics

I’m feeling the love for Newton’s appl fizzics, it’s not too sweet at all. It tastes like posh apple juice you might get from a deli or nice cafe but with a nice bit of fizz. You can’t tell from the picture, but the leaves on the tree of this label are a gorgeous metallic shimmery shiny situation, very pretty!

Say Yes to No | Degustabox July Review | Cate in the Kitchen

I did not expect to like these even a little bit. If I fancy crisps, I’ll have a bag of crisps, no substitutes thank you. But if you go into a packet of Say Yes to No without crisp expectations, they’re actually pretty tasty. Really strong flavour (nothing worse than a weak flavoured crunchy thing) and surprisingly addictive. That’s why this packet is so crumpled, I sort of ate them all in a surprised snack frenzy when I realised they actually tasted nice.

Lambrini | Degustabox Review | Cate in the Kitchen

If you’re a Brighton baby too, you’ll know that this weekend just gone was Pride weekend. You can imagine my delight when something pink, sparkly and fruity as hell landed on my doorstep just in time, can’t you? This was consumed in the very classy way you should have come to expect from me – in the morning, straight from the bottle.  Apparently I didn’t get the memo that I’m not a teenager anymore, thanks Lambrini!

Good Hemp Oil | Degustabox July Review | Cate in the Kitchen

Degustabox have started a new initiative this month called “DB’s Discoveries” to introduce subscribers to smaller artisan, gourmet and independent brands which I think is an awesome idea. That meant that I got my hands on a bottle of GOOD OIL which is produced in Devon (top marks for that) and can be used in place of olive oil.

Confession: I’ve bought a bottle of this before and I already knew I liked it! I used it in my recipe for Sweet Roasted Tomatoes last week so make sure you go check that out.

Here’s that discount code again if you want to become a Degustabox subscriber, grab a box for £3 off with:


Disclaimer: as you probably guessed, my Degustabox was sent to me free of charge for review purposes. But, as you can probably tell, that hasn’t affected the way in which I talk about any of the products whatsoever. 

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