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Are you making the most of the British tomato season?

Tomatoes and me get real friendly this time of year. When summer rolls around, even the cheapest supermarket tomatoes have real flavour – in my experience, anyway. That’s what I found when I made my sweet roasted tomatoes last month.

But if you can afford it (rarely, in my case) then springing for the awesome varieties of tomatoes at your local farm shop or grocers will result in an experience so dreamy you’ll wish you grew your own. Or perhaps, like my Nan, you do grow your own.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse | Cate in the Kitchen

Whichever of the above categories you fall into, I’ve found a book that might well be right up your street. It’s called The Tomato Basket (pictured above) and it’s by a freelance food writer named Jenny Linford.

There are so many recipes in here to help get you excited about the tomato season, with inspiration for pretty much every meal. I’m completely intrigued by the tomato mousse on p17 and I have to make the fried green tomatoes on p24 for my Mum (we’re both big lovers of the movie).

The recipe I went for first is one of the only ones that doesn’t use fresh tomatoes (go figure), the tomato blinis on p18. What can I say, I’d never made blinis before and they caught my eye.

Blinis | The Tomato Basket | Cate in the Kitchen

Considering it was my first time, I feel like they look a’ight, right?

The recipe was totally easy to follow – but I really should have read it once first before getting started because I didn’t realise the batter would need an hour to rise. Doh. How many late dinners will it take for me to learn that lesson?

I confidently recommend this book to you as an awesome way to make the most of the tomato season, but I want to hear from you. How are you making the most of tomatoes this summer? Link me tips and recipes in the comments!

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This book was sent to me by the lovely people at Ryland Peters & Small. The copy, opinions and dazzling charisma are all, as per, my own. 

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