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What to do with the syrup leftover from making candied peel..

On Friday afternoon, as part of my #bakeoffbakealong challenge, I made candied orange peel from scratch. I’ll tell you more about that in my first bake off post (keep an eye out, it’s gonna be great), but this post is answering the question I had to ask myself:

“What the hell am I going to do with this delicious orange syrup?”

It was amazing. This gorgeous gloopy syrupy consistency, kind of bitter but super sweet, like liquid marmalade gold.

It was then that I remembered whisky marmalade was a thing that people went all crazy for at Christmas last year, therefore orange and whisky were presumably a good combo.

How to use up leftover orange syrup | Cate in the Kitchen

I presumed correctly.

Some syrup, some whisky, some tonic – I’ll leave the measurements up to you, we all drink in different ways, right? This is a delicious combo though.

But I didn’t bring you all this way to give you just one leftover syrup idea, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give you options, huh? You could also..

  • Use it in a salad dressing instead of honey
  • Eat it on toast (it’s literally just unset marmalade)
  • Smear it on pancakes
  • Swirl it through ice cream
  • If you happen to be reading this at Christmas, you should totally try adding it to homemade cranberry sauce

And that’s kind of all I can think of..

What about you guys, any leftover syrup ideas? I still have some in the fridge!

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    • It was a *little* on the thick side for drizzling over cakes to make them moister, really was rather marmaladey! Lovely idea for a lighter orange syrup though.

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  2. Kelly says

    This is SO GOOD in a Coffee!!!! Sounds weird, but coffee, milk, syrup. Enjoy!

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