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Secrets From the Laziest Foodies

You guys know I’m super lazy, right? I mean that fact hasn’t just somehow passed you by at all, has it? My most recent example of outright, outrageous, shouldn’t-really-be-allowed laziness is probably this almond croissant recipe in which I didn’t even make the croissants. Yeah, that’s the level I take it to baby, join me down here.

When I found out International Lazy Day was a thing, I was excited about it. Laziness should totally be celebrated. Too many people are in too much of a hurry, too much of the time. It’s super healthy to take a “pffft” attitude to your day every now and then, I refuse to believe that carpe diem-ing every damn day is that great a thing – but that could be because I’m lazy af.

So, let’s get ourselves going and get into the zone with some lazy kitchen stories from other people. I asked the Internet the following:

International Lazy Day 2015

and they replied…

International Lazy Day 2015International Lazy Day 2015

International Lazy Day 2015

International Lazy Day 2015

International Lazy Day 2015

International Lazy Day 2015

FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (10)

And finally, these two people who aren’t that lazy, they just bloody love Nutella:

International Lazy Day 2015 International Lazy Day 2015

That was fun. I’m gonna ask questions like this on social media more often, you people are hilarious.

OK, so, my laziest secret right now is one I never thought I’d have to tell… I’ve been using already-prepared garlic products.. and I’ve been using them a lot. The people at Very Lazy recently sent me some of their new range to sample (chopped roasted chillies, chopped garlic and chopped ginger). It was all really useful (marinating salmon was suddenly a bloody doddle) but I was most interested in the garlic.

So I checked out the rest of their garlic products, they have finely chopped normal and smoked, they’ve got a garlic paste aaand crushed garlic.

Very Lazy Garlic Review

It’s so god damn convenient. I’ve been using the paste for things like quick cheatin’ pizza sauce and the crushed garlic is an essential ingredient in my peanut butter beans. I only recommend stuff like this if a) it works/tastes good and b) will actually save you time or improve your life in the kitchen, and Very Lazy stuff ticks both of those boxes for me – let me know how you get on if you grab any!

That’s my big fat lazy secret, tell me yours?

Hit me up with your shocking laziness in the comments. Please. Make me feel better about myself.

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Disclaimer: This post might look like its sponsored by Very Lazy, but it actually isn’t, I just really like their garlic stuff. They did gift me with some products to try but had no play in the content you see above. 


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