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The Kitchen Wishlist #4 | Afternoon Tea Week

I bloody love afternoon tea. Today is the day I embark upon my first proper homemade one, and hopefully you’ll be reading all about it by tomorrow – I really can’t wait.

In the mean time, I thought you might like to see the five things I’d love to have at my afternoon tea table. I’ve steered clear of anything too quaint or sickeningly British because I’m sure you’ll see enough of those this week. Let me know what your favourite is in the comments.

Oh, and tell me, if you could go to just one shop to buy lots of bits for afternoon tea, where would it be? I’m forever looking for new gorgeous kitchenware places to lust after.

The Kitchen Wishlist | Cate in the Kitchen | Afternoon Tea Week

I know it would be terribly un-dainty to drink afternoon tea from something so bulky as this neko cat mug from Anthropologie, but isn’t it beautiful?

We’ve talked about their Alice in Wonderland range before, but this plate from Whittard was too darling to leave off the list, I’m a sucker for blue and white in the kitchen. Nothing screams afternoon tea more than Alice, does it?

If I weren’t making biscuits myself (and if I suddenly had £30 going spare) I’d totes be ordering the Mr. Men Biscuit Tin from Biscuiteers so that I could munch on my childhood alter ego (I was forever bumping my knees/chin), Mr. Bump.

I couldn’t possibly dream up the perfect afternoon tea kit without something from the Mary Berry Collection, and I think these cake forks at John Lewis are probably my overall must-have. Those handles, the little geese, be still my beating heart.

Emma Bridgewater, much like Mary Berry, should also be present at every afternoon tea in some shape or form as far as I’m concerned. This personalised teapot would be just the ticket, don’t you think?

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  1. My friend bought me an Alice mug from the whittard wonderland collection.The one with Alice and a flamingo. Was a coincidence especially as I had admired them on your post. 🙂 I think i would go to Cath Kidston to look at their teA things.X

    • God it’s beaaaaytiful isn’t it, I’d get the whole collection if I had the budget and cupboard space, I really would!

      Do you know, I had a look at Cath Kidston for this post and there just wasn’t anything I *wished* I had – there usually is.. X

      • Oh I have not looked. Thats unusual as CK is usually so good for things like that.x

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? Just so cosy!

      Adore The National Trust range. Bought a hare mug for my mum at her last birthday (her favourite animal) and she still uses it every day.

      Thanks for reading Saskia 🙂 x

  2. Well, basically I want one of everything! I think if i had to pick just one thing though, it would be the Alice plate. I love all things Alice, and completely agree about blue and white in the kitchen. For me it probably stems for the blue and white plates and tea set both my Mum and Grandma had when they I was growing up.
    Could I leave behind Mr Bump though?! I don’t know, he’s too adorable!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


    • Yeah I’m just *obsessed* with the Alice in Wonderland range, glad you like everything on this list as much as I do!

      I really want some of those lovely white baking dishes with that thin blue rim.. that’s the ultimate blue and white dream for me.

      Thanks for reading Jennie 🙂 x

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