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The Kitchen Wishlist #5 | Last of the Summer, Whine

You guys are just gonna have to deal with it, OK? We’re in the last few weeks of summer, the kids are going back to school next month and pumpkin spice everything will once again haunt you wherever you go.

Personally, I’m totally OK with it, excited even, but a lot of you are really freaking out.

I’m not going to start singing the praises of Autumn just yet (but it’s coming, just you wait). Today is about clinging to these last few (slightly, almost, kind of?) warm evenings and BBQs and spontaneous drinks at the beach with a late summer kitchen wish list.

Last of the Summer, Whine | The Kitchen Wishlist | Cate in the Kitchen

FYI, pretty much all of these wishlists will contain Anthropologie because everything they sell is divine. I’m going to presume you’re cool with that. This side plate is so cute and colourful and screams summer evenings in the garden to me.

I get the impression that coloured drinking glasses divide people. I’m sat very firmly in the coloured glass camp, come join me, it’s much more fun over here. These ones by Utala are very cool.

I have more kilner jars and recycled jam jars in this house than I’d care to mention, but I want this exact one in this exact size to fill with a delicious chutney or jam before summers out. Hit me with recipe ideas!

You know already that I’m obsessed with Cornwall, and I often lust after Atlantic Blankets. One day I’ll own one, but for now I’ll wish for this picnic blanket.

I can’t believe I still haven’t tried Jude’s gin + tonic ice cream. I’m an idiot. Have you tried it yet? What’s it like?

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