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The Kitchen Wishlist #6 | The Great British Bake Off

You guys know already how happy GBBO season makes me, it’s second only to Christmas and it makes up 12 whole weeks of the year. Really though, how cool is that?

It’s gotten so popular since 2010 that there’s a tonne of paraphernalia out there now, and in a perfect world (one where I had enough money and enough cupboard space) I would already own the majority of it. For now? Let’s get to wishing.

The Kitchen Wishlist | Great British Bake Off | Cate in the Kitchen

Guys, this is my birthday card, I want it on my birthday, my birthday is in February. Write. It. Down.

These little flexible spatulas are so perfect for getting the last little bit of cake mix out of the bowl, and the bunting on this? I just can’t.

How do I want to watch GBBO in the future? Duh, wearing a Mary Berry and/or Paul Hollywood mask. No, it’s not creepy. Shut up.

Last year, someone really awesome bought be the recipe book that was brought out with the 2014 season. Needless to say I want this years one too even though it’s probably totally repetitive and not at all a kitchen essential.

These GBBO cupcake cases are officially a must-have. In fact, I might just buy them right now.


  1. I know where you live, Cate. *Muahaha* Prepare to receive that card. (Although I may need a nudge as to when in Feb). Is it sad I want the masks too!?

    • No, we’re the COOLEST for wanting those masks!

      My address will have changed by then.. big move on the cards.. will probably post about it when everything is getting concrete!

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