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August Favourites 2015

This has been the shittiest summer I can remember weather-wise. It’s fine for me, I’m not really a sit-in-the-sun kinda gal, but boy do I feel sorry for all the kids who’ve been on break from school this past couple of months.

The only way is up though, I’m so ready to take on everything autumn is about to bring. You can expect lots of warming recipes and the lowdown on some really exciting product launches (the best ones happen in autumn) over the next few months.

Anyway, lets talk about what I’ve been loving this month. Don’t forget to tell me what your favourite things about August were in the comments.

Whittard Mango and Bergamot Green Tea | Cate in the Kitchen

I didn’t realise I liked green tea until I tried the loose leaf stuff, and now I can’t get enough of it. I don’t like it so much in the morning like a lot of hardcore healthies, but I do love a mug in the evening while I’m getting a bit of work done.

I’m currently obsessing over Mango + Bergamot Green Tea off of Whittard (discovered as a PR sample but since repurchased, I get through a lot of it), and I really recommend this stuff.

Nadine, Pizzaface | Cate in the Kitchen

There was a day this month where I just couldn’t be arsed to cook. Rare for me, but I wanted pizza, and I wanted someone else to make it for me and drive it to my house.

My first port of call is always Pizzaface. I know it didn’t fare too well with Fran or Rosie in their pizza challenge, but it’s the best local delivery place with good veggie options for me. Check out their menu here (I went for Nadine).


I’m gonna go ahead and presume that you’re all already familiar with Bon Appetit, I feel like that’s a safe assumption. You might not have checked out the #BAhot10 (America’s best 10 new restaurants according to BA) yet though, and that’s something you should absolutely do. Stat.

All of the food porn, all of the sensational food writing, the whole thing is just kind of paradise so go check it out. Also make sure you listen to the corresponding podcast.

Portlebay Popcorn | August Favourites

The Devonian legends over at Portlebay popcorn sent me a whole bunch of flavours this month so that I could decide on my favourite. It was a no brainer in favour of cinnamon. Totally into it.

Oh by the way, consider this a gentle warning, as soon as the clock strikes September it’s gonna get way autumnal up in here. I don’t care if you think it’s too early. Get over it and get into it, starting here and now with this cinnamon popcorn.

The Food Writers The Reunion Radio 4

Oh my god, this radio show was a fucking dream come true. It was a Sunday, it was raining, I was tuned in to Radio 4 and all of a sudden I’m listening to Prue Leith and Mary God Damn Berry having a natter about the awesome stuff they’ve done. This is so must-listen from both a food and a badass female perspective. Recommend. (I really hope it’s still available to listen by the time you’re reading this..)

Stokes Chipotle Ketchup | Cate in the Kitchen | August Favourites

Chipotle ketchup has improved my quality of life this month in a big way. Shout out to Stokes for sending it my way. This specific flavour is genuinely better than Heinz as far as I’m concerned, and that’s saying something (I’m a ketchup addict) so I definitely recommend.

What were your favourite things about August? Let me know!

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  1. That Radio 4 programme sounds fantastic! I really do need to tune in more to that station.

    I’ve been really loving the flavour of Nam Prik Pao recently – it’s a Thai chilli sauce that goes so well in soups and noodles.

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  2. vdaltonbanks says

    Love green tea and that loose mango one sounds lovely, might have to go try it out! Nice to have a break from black tea and coffee sometimes. Totally with you on the chipotle ketchup too, love the stuff! I’ve been obsessed with omelettes this month – current fav is chorizo, shallot and mushroom with a sprinkle of mature cheddar. Delish!

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