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Review | The Ultimate Sandwich by Jonas Cramby

This is not the kind of cookbook I would usually grab off the shelf. That’s half the fun of blogging I think, it takes you outside of your comfort zone ever so slightly and encourages you try something a little different for the sake of writing something interesting.

The Ultimate Sandwich does bare similarity to the food porn cookbooks destined for the coffee table that Prue Leith has been dissing lately, but that’s only because everything looks so god damn tasty – and the similarity stops there.

If you pick up this book, you’re gonna get the low down from Jonas on how to make your entire sandwich from scratch. We’re talking kneading bread, curing meats and making your own sauerkraut. This guy covers everything.

The Ultimate Sandwich Review | Cate in the Kitchen

He’s kind of a badass too, I mean look at him.

He’s fighting the good fight, defending the honour of good and proper bread, the fight against gluten free just for the sake of it (no hate for the celiacs, I got you guys, I’m digging at the fear mongering marketing whizzes here). My favourite line from his foreward gives you his vibe pretty well:

Then the low-carb diet came along, and bread was suddenly the great white Satan. TV dieticians dramatically threw sandwiches in the bin and exclaimed: ‘I don’t call them slices of bread, I call them slices of dead’.

He’s a funny guy.

The Ultimate Sandwich Review | Cate in the Kitchen

This book has inspired me to have a crack at my own grilled cheese (with bread from scratch), which I’ll be posting tomorrow as a cheeky little part 2 to this review, but there are a few more from this book that I’ll be coming back for..

Bourbon french toast, pictured above, p26, is going to be my next birthday breakfast. Someone write that down for me so I don’t forget? I’ve always wanted to make ketchup from scratch and I can learn to do that on p28. I really need to get my arse in gear and try my hand at banh mi, and I’ll definitely be looking to the baguette pages when I finally get around to it.

You can grab a copy of The Ultimate Sandwich on Amazon. If you struggle with what to buy your Dad or Grandad at Christmas (as I do, every single year), this might be just the ticket. Just a thought.

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Pavilion Books sent me this copy free of charge for review, thanks guys! It’s a corker!


  1. fatpastard says

    Great write-up Cate! I’m all about doing stuff from scratch, and can’t beat a Joey Tribbiani type sarnie – this WILL feature in my Christmas list….

  2. I love the sound of this book! And I’m glad it’s not just all pretty pictures and does give some good insights. Similarly to you, I’ve heard a lot about gluten-free / modern bread methods being a bit fear-mongering, so it’s nice to see that being addressed.

    Also I think I might need to get this book to find out what goes into bourbon french toast, because that sounds pretty awesome.

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