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How a Wobble Led to a Meltdown | #bakeoffbakealong

I’m writing this at about 9pm on Saturday night, sitting in front of QI. It’s the only half decent thing on the television but Jeremy Clarkson is on it. It appears I just can’t win today.

Lets rewind about 6 hours, shall we?

It all started out well. I had selected my creme brûlée recipe from Ramsay’s Best Menus (page 054) and it looked simple enough.

The recipe included a rhubarb compote of sorts at the bottom of the ramekins, I happened to have blueberries lying around so thought I’d jam them up a bit and put them in instead (reminiscent of Nigella’s amazing and delicious blueberry maple syrup, have you tried it? You must).

Creme Brulee | Bake Off Bake Along | Cate in the Kitchen

All going well so far. Blueberries jammed and divided into ramekins. Egg yolks (all 4 of them) separated successfully. Milk and cream measured out and slowly coming to somewhere just below a boil.

Creme Brulee | Great British Bake Off | Cate in the Kitchen

Miraculously, I had absolutely no trouble at all with beating the hot milky creamy mixture into the cold egg yolks and sugar to create a custard situation, easy breezy.

Slight alarm set in, however, when I poured the custard situation into my (beautiful, heart-shaped) ramekins. I wasn’t expecting the blueberry jammy stuff to integrate, I wanted it stuck fast to the bottom like a fancy yoghurt pot.

Into the oven they went, all the same, for 45 minutes at Gas Mark 1.

After said 45 minutes at Gas Mark 1, they were barely even warm, let alone cooked. Christ, I hate my oven.

Creme Brulee | Great British Bake Off | Cate in the Kitchen

This is them after another half an hour at Gas Mark 3, I thought they were done, if a little over (HA, ha! ha. HA hahaha how wrong I was).

Blindly, I sprinkled a little sugar on top of them and whacked them under the grill.

Creme Brulee | Bake off Bake Along | Cate in the Kitchen

Until I smelled burning.

That’s when you know they’re done, right? Wrong.

I must have had it up way too high, probably should have done something in the way of research before throwing them under there at full whack, but I was nervous, OK?

At this point we’ve got miserable looking blackened desserts. I was just chomping at the bit to put that in my mouth, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Creme Brulee | Bake Off Bake Along | Cate in the Kitchen

My Mum and I shared one. It was delicious, but it was just hot custard. Nowhere near set.

Delicious, delicious, slightly burnt, hot custard.

I should note that I put the other two back in the oven for 20 minutes at Gas Mark 4 then took them out and abandoned them on the kitchen table.

Just went down to have a spoonful and they’re actually rather perfect now that they’re cold.

I’m really not sure what I’ve learned this week, Google things? Watch more YouTube videos to determine the perfect wobble to signify the done-ness of various desserts?

Who knows, I just want to go to bed – and I wish Jeremy Clarkson would shut up.

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  1. Oh no! With my creme brulee, I felt it was the first time I really was doing what the actual bake off people were doing and kneeling down next to my oven. And yeh, how do you get those perfect yoghurt pot situations? Chill them? Add gelatine? Hmmm..

    Saskia /

  2. adales8 says

    Its the same problem that Sandy had – she had hers in for ages and they were barely even warm on the show! x

  3. I give you many gold stars for even attempting. My oven situation is awful (we have a small ‘half’ oven because the large one in our range died) and I just can’t attempt anything other than tray bakes now 😦

  4. Aw I totally feel you! that happened to my bread last week – I put the oven way too high and the top was so dark but the inside barely cooked…oh well we learn right? And bruleing with the grill is definitely a hard one!

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