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The Kitchen Wishlist #6 | Easing In To Autumn

We’re here, we’ve arrived, jump on board this chilly train to autumn-ville. It’s gonna be quite a ride this year.

Easing in to Autumn | The Kitchen Wishlist | Cate in the Kitchen

I always love Emma Bridgewater, particularly in the colder months. Perhaps its because this is the time of year we most want to feel homely, and she does homely so very well. These owl plates are my favourite from her autumn collection.

I pretty much despise Starbucks for a multitude of reasons. I’m not saying I’ve never grabbed a coffee in there before, but it’s definitely not my favourite place. That said, I really want to try a pumpkin spice latte. I feel like this pumpkin spice syrup would solve all of my problems at once here.

This season, I want to be one of those people that stirs delicious drinks with cinnamon sticks, and adds them to the packaging of cute “just because” gifts. I’m probably not going to do either of those things, but a girl can dream.

I don’t really have the kind of kitchen that you can hang things in, but if I did, this Macbeth quote print would be up on the wall in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t it just be the perfect thing to have around for those soup-bubbling cider-mulling months where we really are hunched over the stove like the witches of Eastwick?


  1. I can’t wait for a spot of autumn, but it’s all about the artisan coffee shops for me. I’ve got the two best coffee shops in Bristol within 1 minute of my office. Actually, I work above one of them…

  2. Oh my those owl plates, I *need* (adds to Xmas list).

    Oooh exciting news Cate- I’m allowed to go oven shopping next week!

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