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The Kitchen Wishlist #7 | Maple-Flavoured Everything

I could have gone with pumpkin spice flavoured everything, but I feel like maple syrup has become the unsung hero of autumn since the takeover of the PSL. Let’s hit is with a spotlight, shall we?

Maple-Flavoured Everything

Obviously, we need to start with maple peanut butter. I’ve heard insane things about the M&S maple + pecan butter, but this was the only online link I could find.

I’ve never tried Prestat chocolate myself, but it was crazy popular last Christmas and seems to be the upmarket brand of choice – this pecan + maple syrup chocolate is probably mindblowing.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that BBQ sauce is for life, not just for summer. Especially if it has maple syrup in it like this one.

Maple butter fudge, yes please.

If there’s one thing I love more than delicious carbs in the autumn, it’s alcohol. Strong and a teeny bit sweet. Enter: Jim Beam Maple, if you’ve tried this let me know, I might go ahead and buy a bottle..

Do you have a secret stash of something maple-flavoured to see you through the season? Do share..

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