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The Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap

I have a habit that I know a lot of you will disapprove of rather deeply. I myself am not particularly proud of it. Every time I travel from Brighton to the West Country (which seems to be a bloody lot this year), I have to have a McDonald’s breakfast wrap at Rownhams Services.

This is me, Cate, lover of cooking from scratch and eater of only free range, organic eggs. Hater of big food companies just like McDonald’s that are making our babies obese and screwing their workers. What comes over me? I don’t know.

Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap

All I know is that I think it’s delicious. All that breakfast food in one hand-held floury parcel. So, I wanted to recreate it in the gorgeous kitchen I’m staying in this week – but with more than a few changes.

Firstly, I won’t be including the unidentified meat circle (anyone know what the hell that is?) or the bacon because I’m just not heavy into meat at the moment and it’s more expensive – and a little more heart attacky – than vegetables are.

Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap

I’m using cheddar instead of cheese singles. As much as I love a cheese single when the time is right, if I bought a packet of them, they would go to waste because I’d just never use them beyond this recipe..

So the cheese, the egg and the ketchup and the hash browns all make an appearance, and I’ve replaced the meat with avocado and roasted tomatoes.

If you can’t be arsed to roast tomatoes, it’s fine. Leave them in there raw or ditch them all together, you do you.

Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap

Serves 2 (2 mini-wraps each)

200g tomatoes (roasted or not, whatever you decide)
4 free range eggs
1 ripe avocado, sliced
4 hash browns
a good handful or two grated extra mature cheddar
4 mini tortilla wraps

  1. Cook your hash browns according to pack instructions.
  2. Lay the tortilla wraps out on a baking tray, grate the cheese over and get them into the oven on low (160-180 fan, conversions here) to get warm and melty while you fry the eggs.
  3. Fry your eggs, (I like mine over easy) then chuck them on top of the cheesy tortillas followed by the avocado, tomato and hash browns.
  4. Squirt some ketchup on there, roll ’em up and prepare to enter yolky, messy heaven.

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Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap


  1. Simply delicious !!! veggie option, would love to share this recipe with our #KanKun followers!!! I think adding a dollop of one of our #KanKun sauces to getting the #Mexican twist could be a great shake up of your wake up!!!!

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