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August Degustabox

Another month, another Degustabox, as the saying goes.

I was so glad to see that the August box wasn’t full of summer-appropriate products, we just haven’t had the weather for it. Piles of biscuits is what the climate has been calling for, and piles of biscuits is what we got.

Let’s delve into the box, shall we..

August Degustabox | Cate in the Kitchen

Starting, as ever, with the stuff I gave away. Heartbreakingly, I don’t have a microwave, so I didn’t get to experience the sheer unadulterated lazy joy that I presume one of Dr. Oetker‘s microwaved mug cakes delivers. I just don’t do ready made pasta sauces (sorry Barilla), and Life Tonics orange coconut water would have been wasted on me because I think coconut water sucks.

All of the above were doled out at the hospital my Mum works at, a particularly big fuss was made over the mug cakes apparently, no surprises there.

Leibniz | Degustabox August | Cate in the Kitchen

Oh yes yes yes. I loved these, perfect with a cup of tea. Shout out to Bahlsen, these are top notch biscuits. I’m now slapping myself on the wrist because I didn’t check to see how dunkable they were before eating them.. all..

Williamson Ginger Tea | Degustabox Review

This I did not have high expectations of. To me, the packaging suggested subpar teabags with a weird/gross taste. What this actually is is that lovely, convenient middle ground between loose leaf tea and standard teabags. The taste is great and the quality is high. Thumbs up from me for Williamson Tea.

The Primal Pantry | Degustabox Review Ryvita | Degustabox Review

The Primal Pantry is a brand I’ve been very fond of for a long time and they were my DB Discovery this month. They make paleo-friendly snack bars with zero bullshit ingredients, their packaging is awesome and the taste is great. They recently launched in Waitrose (woo-hoo!) so be sure to look out for them there and check ’em out on Twitter.

Ryvita is not my favourite crisp bread, but it’s not the worst, you know? I’ve been enjoying it here and there with avocado or dipped in hummus.

Barilla Pasta | Degustabox Review

I put the Barilla penne to very good use with mascarpone and slow roasted tomatoes (a big obsession for me throughout September). I can’t say much about the taste of this, it’s nothing spectacular, just another dried pasta. What I absolutely head over heels love about this product? It comes in a cardboard box, no plastic packaging, just pour it straight out of the box. All other dried pasta producers please follow suit, thank you.

We also unpacked a few samples of Walkers shortbread. I have a confession to make.. they were all eaten in front of GBBO before I could take a picture.. My favourite was the chocolate chip though, and you should definitely check it out.

That’s it for this month, my September box is due to arrive today! I love Degustabox, it’s like food Christmas once a month.

If you want to get in on this, you can use the discount code BLDEG15 for £6 off your first box.

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