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Autumn Made Me Do It | #bakeoffbakealong

I love Flora, in a big way, but it was definitely her turn to be off-skis this week. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her over the next five years or so, she’s a right one to watch! Disappointed as I am to see her  go, I couldn’t be happier with who’s made it to the final, the best have definitely been saved ’til last.

I think my highlight from last weeks show can only be Ian’s well. I couldn’t actually speak, I was so amazed. Not only did he attempt something of sheer genius, he absolutely smashed it. I’m still in absolute awe of the thing.

I’ll be honest, after my less than impressive attempt at a showstopper last week, I was kind of intimidated by the actual chocolate work going on in the challenges. So I haven’t really committed to any of them.

Pumpkin Chocolate Tart

Instead, I gave into the overwhelming desire I’ve had recently to make pumpkin puree, and use pumpkin pie spice for its original purpose – to add autumn flavour to actual pumpkin.

I made a basic shortcrust pastry, boiled then mashed some pumpkin and added spices and a bit of brown sugar, then baked in the oven for about half an hour. I didn’t actually consult the Internet before doing any of this so I might be doing things completely wrong, but whatever, sometimes it’s fun to navigate things yourself.

Ginger Ganache

I made a really simple ganache with Beech’s ginger chocolate (cheers for that guys!) which went beautifully with the pumpkin flavours I already had going on.

Then just sort of poured it on. Not particularly artfully.

Pumpkin Chocolate Tart

It’s nothing special this week really, but I was feeling all shy of trying to do something spectacular. Perhaps I’ll do one final blowout next week..

Pumpkin Chocolate Tart

Pumpkin Chocolate Tart

See you all on the other side of the final, guys! Try not to cry too much..

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  1. That pie looks delicious Cate, well done with your wonderful idea. More importantly … I’ve got a little Border Terrier just like yours .. In fact they could be twins ! Great stuff … Andrew, Chairman of Beech’s Chocolates

  2. Ooo, yum this looks delicious! I’d go for this over a fancy pants chocolate creation anyway. I love Flora, but she does make me feel rather inadequate in a ‘I’ve got 10 years on you, but you’re already got everything waaaaay more together than I ever will’ kinda way!

    Jennie x

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