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One Last Fail, for Old Times Sake | #bakeoffbakealong

I, like most of you, am officially mourning the Great British Bake Off. I’m really, truly, properly upset about the fact that Wednesday nights will no longer bring the comforting escapism of competetive baking into my living room.

I just checked the TV Guide to see what’s on instead. DIY SOS followed by The Apprentice, lord have mercy on us all, I mean that’s just cruel, isn’t it?

Before we talk about the good, there’s something I need to talk about that I’m actually still really pissed about, even though a week has passed since it happened. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to address it here, because I usually prefer my blog to be a centre of straight up positivity, but I don’t want to let this go unmentioned.

The morning after Nadiya’s win was announced, the right wing media and their readers pretty much wrote it off. They took her amazing achievement, and they urinated all over it. They overlooked the genuinely heartwarming build in her confidence throughout the series and the way her talent shone through brighter and brighter week by week.

They weren’t interested in the fact that Nadiya represented everything I love about this country, my country, her country, our country. Her self deprecation, her hilarious facial expressions, her sense of humour, her determination and refusal to give up when something went tits up.

They certainly weren’t interested in the fact that she was the best damn baker in that tent. They just wanted to write her off as a politically correct stunt by the BBC because of her faith and the colour of her skin.

I just didn’t want to ignore it completely, that in 2015 something like that happened. I hope it serves as a reminder to us all that there is still a lot of work to be done and we’re all responsible for making this country a better, friendlier place to be for everyone.

Mary Berry

Right, now that’s out of the way..

Who else cried like a tiny, tiny baby on Wednesday night? My living room was filled with tears, I was sobbing throughout the entire second half of the show. And when Mary Berry lost her cool and started crying, I just wailed.

It was an amazing last episode, I think what I loved about it the most was that it was very clear from the off that Nadiya absolutely had it in the bag. The boys were good, as usual, and I think the right people made it through to the final, but my god, she just killed it every step of the way.

I’ve gone for the British cake category to finish, and kept it pretty basic because I’m a bit poorly and I don’t want to hurt myself over trying and failing to impress you all.

Apparently I couldn’t even bloody manage that.

It’s just a really simple sponge cake with a few dollops of the marmalade I made last year (preserves are the gifts that keep on giving) to make it a little bit wintry and extra British.


I baked it in my silicone heart-shaped cake mould because I wanted to find a way to sort of communicate through cake how much love I have for the bake off bake along. I know it sounds super dickhead-y, but it has been so fun connecting with other people through a love of one of Britain’s greatest ever TV shows. Checking out everyone else’s bakes has been the highlight of my week, and feeling like we’re all in this little club together has just been the best. I’ve loved it, and I really hope we do it again next year.

My plan was to ice it beautifully with “congratulations Nadiya” and lots of cute little piping tricks and some kind of union jack situation but then this happened..

Marmalade Cake

And I’m just too ill to do anything about it today so that’s your lot. I’m going out with a bang. A pathetic, broken bang.

So yeah, a massive thank you to Ala and Amanda for sorting this whole thing out, it’s been an absolute blast.

Until next year, gang..

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  1. I’m so glad you said something. I saw it and thought it was absolutely disgusting I can’t believe the media would even go there, I mean I thought those papers were dismal but outright discriminatory racist, no. Also begs the question if Tamal won, would the media have had this outcry, probably not. Yeah you failed making this cake, we all do once in a while (except Nadiya she’s a legend), but your message shines through.

  2. Your poor cake! I have days like this, especially when something rages me – like this Nadiya thing: I’m furious too – everything seems to fail.
    I haven’t actually watched the Bake Off this year as I haven’t had much access to a TV, I’ve seen one and a half eps but enough to know Nadiya doesn’t deserve this (er, no one does!), what a shame she can’t just enjoy her victory. It’s an absolute disgrace.

  3. So much love for you Cate, I feel your anger about the media frenzy over Nadiyas win, she did deserve it and was by far the best on the day! I have LOVED the bake off bake along this year, and although now I’ll have my weekends back again, it’s been so much fun looking though what everyone has done each week! I especially love the fact that you and I were totally on the same wavelength this week for the bake, in the fact can’t go wrong with a Victoria sponge with homemade jam! Sod the fact that yours stuck (damn silicone mounds not doing its job!) but hey ho, you are ill and I bet you could still eat the cake slathered in jam all the same? Hope so! Alice xxxx

    • Oh yeah, I’ll be gulping it down with a cuppa all the same, misshapen and delicious!!

      Glad my words have been met with agreement on the Nads subject, I really hope the backlash didn’t completely ruin her win for her!!

  4. Awwww, no worries! This definitely happened to me in week eight.
    It has definitely felt like a fun little baking club, I’ve really enjoyed it :))

  5. Yep, the tears were flowing down my face by the last 5 minutes of the show… it was so good! Nadiya was top and I just really enjoyed watching her. Apart from being an excellent baker, she was just so funny & so glad you noted this nonsense that came out the following day in the media. Hope she was able to ignore all that rubbish and enjoy her win. Hard luck with your cake, tho it probably still tasted great! 🙂

  6. Oh girl, I’m going to miss your weekly write ups/ fails of these… it’s nice not have everything rose coated and idyllic 100% of the time (except for Nadiya’s victory though, let’s leave that in peace)

  7. adales8 says

    Thank you so much for linking up and joining in so consistently! I know that Ala and I wouldn’t have found it nearly as interesting if everyone hadn’t been so up for it!

    The best baker won the program. End of story. I was furious at the right wing media. Don’t take away this beautiful victory! x

    • Every week baby, wouldn’t have missed it for the world! It’s honestly been so great, thanks so much again for organising it it’s been an absolute ball. X

  8. Thank YOU for being such a wonderful contributor. Even if your heart cake has a hole in it, it still looks tasty. And that’s the kind of situation that warrants scooping cake up in your hands uncontrollably while you mourn the last hour of effort.

    You’re a star x

  9. It’s nice to share the fails too .. happens to everyone!I did not watch Bake Off this year but no one should be taken their victory away like this! Well done for sharing!

  10. Ahh Cate, don’t worry about this cake, you’ve done some amazing other bakes instead! Also I got really really angry at the cynicism and outright nastiness re: Nadiya’s win. She was a standout winner. Ugh…so many things to be angry about these days.

    Saskia /

  11. Aw poor cake…I’m hoping you ate all the pieces yourself. Bakers perks afterall. Just think of all the really good challenges over the last 10 weeks! That tennis court? Yes, you the girl!

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