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Hey, Check This Out #1

I, like many other bloggers before me, am officially rejecting monthly favourites. They’re too rigid, too structured, and they were starting to make me feel just a little bit locked in.

Instead, I’m introducing this new segment that I can post as and when I’ve stacked up enough things I want you to know about (much like you should be reading this too). This also means that I can tell you about stuff I don’t love, or stuff I just like a little bit, without being under the discerning heading of “favourites”.

Cheese Posties

A friend of mine has kicked off a badass new subscription service. If you sign up with, you’ll get a grilled cheese in the post every week matched to your tastes. Is this an essential service? No, of course it isn’t. Is it a pretty cool thing to get in the mail or give to your friend as a gift? Yes, of course it is. Find out more about how it works here.

Chocolate Espresso Beans

Chocolate Espresso Beans

I’m guessing this isn’t a new concept to you, but I hadn’t tried these until Whittard sent me some to celebrate Chocolate Week. Heartbreakingly, I’ve recently discovered that my dairy allergy has returned with a vengeance, so I poured them out into a bowl to eat all the dark ones. Then didn’t sleep for three days.

Abel and Cole Veg Boxes

Abel and Cole Veg Boxes

Three weeks ago, I signed up for a weekly veg box from Abel & Cole. I used one of their many discount codes (which entitled me to a recipe book and my fourth box free, pretty badass). The box is £12.95 and it has enough veg in it to get me through pretty much the entire week. It’s been a really cool way to make sure I’m eating 100% seasonal and organic and I definitely, definitely recommend them.

I think I’ll probably do a review post or something in a few weeks once I’ve been a customer for a longer period of time so look out for that. In the mean time you can check out what I thought about their Super Salad Boxes or check out their boxes here.

Fish Oil

Wiley's Fish Oil

Not the sexiest thing to talk about, but whatever. I’ve been taking two of these Wiley’s Finest supplements a day for about 8 weeks or so (thanks for hooking me up with these, Wiley’s!) and looking for a change in my energy and my mood.

I didn’t notice even a tiny change in my energy and mood, but I feel like this is super hard to monitor because of my reliance on caffeine to keep both of those things at a steady level anyway. What I did enjoy about this experience though was knowing that I was contributing positively to my heart and joint health and my brain function.

These are a good option if you’re one of those people (like me) forever saying “gah, I should be eating more oily fish” and then pretty much never eating oily fish.

Lucy’s Bakes

Lucy's Bakes Recipe Book Review

I love this recipe book in a big way. You need it, really, my Grandmother almost didn’t let me take it home after I brought it round to show her. It’s full of tips and tricks, has loads of great baking recipes that I can’t wait to try and is littered with notes from recipe testers which I love.

I tried the honey and lavender flapjacks recipe first and they were just gorgeous. The recipes are all easy to follow and there aren’t any fussy/annoying ingredients or techniques, it’s just a big book of decent bakes you’ll want to reserve a weekend or two for. Get the book here.

Emma Bridgewater

The Christmas catalogue came through my letterbox this week and I’ve been able to think of nothing else. Check out the range here, in case somehow you hadn’t heard about this already.

Nigella is back

Simply Nigella

With a vengeance. I think Nigella is potentially my favourite woman in the world after my Mum and Sister, I mean really. Her new book is out now and there’s a series coming this season! I am very excited at the prospect of having her back on my television.

Right, that’ll do for now I reckon. I’m off to write up the recipes I shot this afternoon and have a little cry about the fact that I won’t be publishing a bake off post on Tuesday.

Love you byeeeeeee.


  1. I’ve been wanting an Abel & Cole veg box for years, but my husband steadfastly refuses. Apparently I could just send him to the greengrocer with £15 and no list, and I’d get the same surprises! It wouldn’t be quite as fun for me, though…

    So excited about Nigella’s new book – I’ve seen so many people raving about it. I was going to put it on my Christmas list but I’m not sure I can wait that long!

  2. I really can’t wait to get Nigella’s book! All the sneak peeks so far have got me excited 🙂 Loving the cheese toastie service, I may have to give it a go!!

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