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September Degustabox

It’s almost as if the team at Degustabox knew Halloween was right around the corner when they packed up this box, it was all about the sweeties this month. Let’s get into it..

September Degustabox | Up & Go     September Degustabox | Complete Energy

Starting, as ever, with the bits I sent to loving homes (a.k.a the hospital my Mum works at). Up & Go, much like the Weetabix drinks from a recent Degustabox, are too sugary for breakfast for me. Complete Energy just terrified me. I don’t think I could handle that much energy..

September Degustabox | Sweet Sally's     September Degustabox | Cider

There were two drinks in this months box, and they both felt very autumn-appropriate, good shout Degustabox gang. First up was Sweet Sally Tea, a gently spiced iced tea in a sweet looking bottle. It was tasty and not too sweet, which suits me just fine. The Good Cider of San Sebastian on the other hand was a little on the sugary side for me, it was super tasty but I couldn’t drink it all night.

September Degustabox | Reese's

I presume you know the deal with Reese’s already. Delicious, tooth-achingly sweet peanut butter and chocolate combination that the entirety of the USA are crazy for. If you know, you know.

Degustabox | Kent's Kitchen

My Degustabox Discovery this month was Kent’s Kitchen. These little pots are intended (I believe) to be a slightly posher, more flavourful alternative to Pot Noodle. It wasn’t the worst tasting thing of its kind in the world, nor the best, but I didn’t finish it.. You guys know I’m not super into this stuff anyway, so I’m really not the best judge.

September Degustabox | Sweets

I got a mild sugar rush just looking at this lot! Bassetts jelly babies are an old favourite, I loved them as a kid and they’re just as good now as they were then. I’m not a Maynards wine gums girl but I’m quite sure my Grandparents will receive them greatfully. Mallow & Marsh I’ve come across before, their plain marshmallows are my favourite but the raspberry is tasty too!

That’s it for this month, I’m looking forward to unwrapping the October delivery later this afternoon..

If you want to grab yourself a Degustabox subscription, you can get a cheeky £6 discount with the code BLDEG15.

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