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Gunpowder, Treason and Parkin

Happy 5th of November to you, my friends! I’d love to wish you a happy Bonfire Night, but I plan for this post to reach you early in the morning, and it doesn’t feel right to be talking about the night time just yet, does it?

I love Bonfire Night – much more than Halloween. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that to me, it feels very British. Setting fire to things and making lots of noise in honour of a murder attempt on the House of Lords, or something like that. It just feels very us.

We’re here on my corner of the Internet together today because Taylors Tea invited me to spice up a classic Bonfire Night recipe in honour of their Spiced Apple tea – which, as I’m sure you can imagine, is very appropriate for this time of year.

Ground Ginger

Parkin is the first thing that sprung to mind, because I looked into it a lot last year whilst planning my Bonfire Night content and never got around to actually making the stuff (opting instead for Gingerbread Fireworks and this badass sandwich).

The reason I obsessed over parkin last year is its reputation as something that’s traditionally enjoyed on Bonfire Night specifically. I love food traditions, particularly British ones, they’re a comfort to me. Nothing can make your troubles seem insignificant quite like the reminder that the worlds been turning (and people have been eating parkin Up North) for centuries.

Apple Parkin

Think syrup, think treacle, think ginger. Those are the vibes to expect. Pretty much perfect for a night that’s going to involve a lot of shivering.

My twist on this recipe is apple. I figured the only way one might possibly improve upon a sticky, gingery, dense cake would be to make it taste like a toffee apple. With just the addition of one grated apple, this cake really does taste just like one of the tooth shattering toffee apples you can get hold of all over the place at this time of year. I was surprised.

What I really love about this recipe is that it all happens in a saucepan, is poured straight into the cake tin and then baked. Super easy and minimal dishes, so you’ve really got no excuse not to make it.

Adapted from BBC Good Food

200g butter
1 large organic + free range egg
4 tbsps milk (I used soya)
200g golden syrup
1 tbsp organic molasses
85g light soft brown sugar
100g rolled oats
250g self-raising flour
1 tbsp ground ginger
1 apple, peeled, cored and grated

  1. Pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 3 (conversions here) and grease/line a deep 22cm square cake tin.
  2. Beat the egg and milk together in a little bowl and set aside.
  3. On a low heat, melt together the butter, syrup, molasses and sugar. Remove from the heat, mix all the dry ingredients together and stir those into the mixture followed by the egg and milk, then the apple.
  4. Pour into the tin and bake for about 50 minutes to 1 hour or until a skewer comes out clean.

The original recipe suggests that you wrap this up in foil and leave it for a few days to get even stickier and more delicious, I didn’t manage to do that so I can confirm that this tastes great pretty much straight from the oven but it did taste better and better every day after this. So really, if you can you probably should make this in advance..

Have a good night, people, enjoy yourselves, don’t let children throw fireworks at each other and get lots of biscuits in to comfort the dog.

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This post was in collaboration with the good people at Taylors Tea to celebrate their badass and autumnal spiced apple tea, make sure you check it out.

Check out some spiced apple tea recipes here:


  1. You had me at gunpowder! I’ve never tried parkin before but it looks so good here that I think I will have to make it. Apple and toffee are a match made in food heaven!

  2. Very easy to make, turned out beautiful. I used coconut milk and didn’t bother with the molasses. It did taste better every day , it lasted 5 days. A great recipe which will be getting made once a month (at least).
    Thanks x

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