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The Caffeine Lovers Gift Guide

The Caffeine Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

It’s no secret that I frequently enjoy a hot beverage, so I thought it appropriate that my first gift guide of the season be dedicated to highlighting the best treats in the world of caffeine.

Handpicked gift plans are super easy to sort out and start at £24 for 3 months (250g of coffee a month). The coffee comes from small farmers and is roasted in London before being popped through your letterbox. It’s a fuss free way to try something different (but almost definitely decent) every month.

Hope & Glory have got an adorbs little one off gift pack for coffee lovers with good coffee, espresso cups and chocolate covered coffee beans.

Whittard have (predictably) got a gorgeous Christmas range this year. You all know how highly I rate these guys, they’ve quite literally never let me down in quality. Their brandy coffee is lovely, the Christmas tea is top notch and this little mulled wine tree house is torturously cute.

Bluebird Tea Co have brought their A game this year. I’ve tried the whole range of Christmas teas for 2015 and Gingerbread Chai is my favourite with Christmas cake coming in at a close second. If you don’t know anybody who loves tea, you need to get in on this action for yourself. For realsies.

Bluebird Tea Co Christmas Selection

If you’re not as into the funky stuff, we are tea do a great range of basics. Play it safe and neutral with the taster selection for £13.99.

Are you giving the wonderful (practical) gift of tea of coffee this year? What would be your top pick from this lot? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh hello! The gingerbread chai sounds especially awesome. Can you just bring it me all to drink the day after Cosmo. Thaaaanks x

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