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What’s It Like to Receive a Real Life Harrods Hamper?

But really though, what is it like? It’s a question I never thought I’d have the know-how to answer, but since Harrod’s gave me the opportunity to tell you about one of their Christmas hampers, I thought I’d give you a feel for that feel, you feel?

When I think Harrods, I think “that posh place that people with money in London go to” – I know the stuff in there is probably great, but it’s never really been on my radar. So, when I eagerly awaited the arrival of The Chelsea, I was expecting a basket full of the finest quality festive everything. Did it match up? Let’s find out, shall we.. *insert mysterious chime sound effects*

The hamper itself is totes luxurious. A gorgeous, moderately sized wicker basket filled to bursting with colour coordinated goodies that had me hearing jingle bells. Let’s unbox.

Harrods Christmas Hamper

We need to talk about this tea first. This is mostly because saving the best until last feels too risky in a blog post, you might miss it, if I’m to believe online statistics on the modern attention span.

I’ve tried a lot of Christmas teas this year (lucky, lucky me) and this one is hands down the best. I love the blends that both Whittard and Bluebird Tea Co have come out with, but this is the super festive tea I’m saving for late December – although I’m sneaking a mug every now and then this month.

It looks pretty and Christmassy, the tea is black with festive flecks of orange, and the red and glittery gold tin is absolutely to die for. A tea caddy that essentially acts as a Christmas decoration in and of itself is pretty much perfect, big tick Harrods.

Harrods Christmas Hamper Coffee

We started on a big high, but, heartbreakingly, the coffee takes us into a small dip. I don’t know about you guys, but I like my coffee dark and strong, and this just ain’t that. I brewed it in the cafetiere as I would any other ground coffee for the same amount of time, and it just came out underwhelming. I was pretty dang sad about it, because I desperately wanted this to be my Christmas morning saviour (it’s so pretty!).

Harrods Christmas Hamper Chocolate

Hello, back on a high. Not only is this aesthetically one of the most pleasing things I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s an outrageous treat for the nose, too. I’m serious, never before has unwrapping a chocolate bar made me practically swoon.

The downside? I’m allergic to dairy. So I’m going to have to give this to my little sister. You can take my educated guess as gospel though, this is damn good chocolate, I can tell by that smell.

Harrods Christmas Hamper Biscuits

Another one I can’t vouch for – damn you dairy allergy – but I can wax lyrical about how cute they look. These honey and clementine biscuits are covered in edible sparkles, and I think I might just outsource them as a Christmas gift..

Harrods Christmas Hamper Strawberry Jam

Champagne in your jam? Classic Harrods. Dolloped generously on toast slathered with salted goats butter. Total porn.

Christmas Harrods Hamper Brandy Butter

Again with the dairy allergy. I can’t wait to see everybody’s face when I put this on the table for dessert on Christmas Day though, how swanky does it sound?

Harrods Christmas Hamper Christmas Cake

And the piece de resistance. My Nan won’t let me eat this, she’s got her name written all over it. I’ll report back on Christmas Day..

So, the final verdict? Was it everything I wanted it to be and more?

I won’t lie, I was crushed about that coffee. But everything else in the hamper is gorgeous, and it all looks so pretty, and smells so good, and makes me feel like dancing around my room to Mariah Carey. So, if you’ve got £75 to spend on a loved one and don’t have the time to homemake a hamper of goodies, I would recommend this little package of Christmas love.

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Harrods very kindly sent me their Chelsea Christmas hamper to show you lot – thanks Harrods!


  1. Oh my. J for jealous! Next up you’ll have to try a Fortnum’s hamper 😉
    The Christmas decorations you’ve used as props (or are they in the hamper?) are so cute!

  2. I’m SO jealous, this looks incredible! I’ve always loved wandering around Harrods, picking up little things along the way (so as not to damage the bank balance too much) but something like this is amazing if it’s up to scratch and worth the money! Alice xx

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