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Hey, Check This Out #3

Happy happy happy Sunday. I hope you’ve woken up blissfully late and eaten far too much of something with syrup. Have you survived the coldest weekend of the year so far? Did it snow where you are?

I don’t have a recipe for you today, it’s Sunday, I know you don’t want to get out of bed. Instead, here are some of the things that have been majorly on my radar this week..



I am beyond late to jump on the sriracha train. I should really start paying more attention to food trends, shouldn’t I? The only reason I picked this up is because there was a big sign next to it in Sainsbury’s saying “NEW” and I’m a millenial, therefore incredibly susceptible to the wily ways of supermarkets.

Anyway, sriracha and I have become fast friends. I can’t get enough of the stuff with my eggs, and I recently discovered that it lends itself well to maple syrup. I’m sure you can expect to see a recipe featuring this bad boy soon. What do you guys eat it with? I need to know. Inspire me.

Celery that actually tastes of something

Fenland Celery

And that something is delicious. When I got an email introducing Fenland celery, asking if I might like to try some, I thought “sod it, why not, it’ll make a great veg stock base if it’s nothing special.” I did not expect to be actually impressed by it.

Yes, you read that correctly, I described my reaction to celery as impressed. It’s so tasty!! It’s not overly stringy, I didn’t have to chew it forever, it’s fresh and crunchy and gorgeous. I’ve been munching on it like an 80’s housewife on a diet. You need to eat this to believe it. Check out this website for more info.

Christmas crockery

Christmas Plates

Total obsession. Top and bottom right are both bargains from Homesense. Do you have a Homesense in your town? It’s amazing. So much festive-ness, so cheap. The bottom right plate was £3 or something ridiculous like that. Get down there.

Bottom left is my Nan’s, she took pity on me when I couldn’t find anything Christmassy enough at the garden centre this week and let me take it home with me (thanks Nan if you’re reading this!).


Processed with Moldiv

My book of the week, if you will, is Veggienomics. It’s packed full of vegetarian dishes that I can’t wait to get stuck into. It’s really nice to find a veggie book that’s focused on good, delicious food as opposed to just an extreme health angle.

I’m going to be leafing through this to find inspiration for some vegetarian Christmas options – I would like for there to be more of them at the table this year! Keep an eye out across all of the social medias for more from this one..

Lindt at Christmas

Lindt Christmas

Does that make you feel festive or does that make you feel festive? The lovely people at Lindt have sent me all the cutesy little bits from their Christmas range. Heartbreakingly, I can’t eat any of it (dairy allergy moan alert) but I have a feeling they’ll be sneaking into the blog somehow – they’re just so sweet. Look out for all these bits in all the best supermarkets, or grab ’em here.

I think that’s pretty much everything I wanted to tell you about this week. I’m thinking about making this a casual non-committal weekly thing, and maybe including some more non-foodie things, what do you reckon? Do let me know what you think!

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  1. Sriracha mixed through coleslaw is pretty special too.
    Not tried the Fenland DOP stuff yet, but when I do I’m going to slow braise some wrapped in prosciutto and blanket it with a serious cheesy sauce.

    • Do yourself a favour and give one stick a go raw, honestly you’ll be surprised, it’s pretty spesh!! I’ll have to try the sriracha in coleslaw..

  2. If you like srirchacha – spelling compromised by my mobile – try any of the Langham sauces. The ginger, chilli, garlic one is amazing. You’ll be ahead of the supermarket curve, but you’ll need to hit up the local Thai or Chinese supermarket. Truly awesome.

  3. Christmas crockery is the business! It really does give a feeling of christmas and make whatever is on it taste better. I am unashamedly a fan – We have a christmas tea set & I cannot wait till it’s near enough to Christmas to crack it out. Oh and Lindt chocolate figures….yes please! (really any time of the year!)

    • Oh I love it. We’ve got an Emma Bridgewater plate with a gorgeous Christmas hare on it somewhere, that’s the one I really can’t wait to dust off!

      • I know 🙂 It’s like you’ll find any excuse to use it – for cookies if people are calling over for coffee, for supper…it’s all good!

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