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Hey, Check This Out #4

Hello and welcome to Sunday. I hope it’s been very nice to you so far.

I’m writing from the comfort of my Grandparents cosy new sofa in front of a nice warm fire on Saturday night, after having made one enormous mince pie, 8 miniature Christmas pizzas and watched about two and a half Christmas films. Oh, and I walked the dog twice.

Did you eat cake yet? No? Go get some now, please, then read all about my week.

Somebody let me go to Tiger

Christmas Scrunchie from Tiger

And things got out of hand. This is a Christmas scrunchie, it only cost me £1 and it’s one of my most favourite things in the entire world now. A worthy investment, I’d say..

Jessica Jones


Are you kidding me Netflix? I’ve hardly slept a wink all week since deciding to find out if the hype was real. People, the hype is real, this is not a drill.

If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a complimentary review from Forbes to catch you up on what the hell I’m talking about.

It’s awesome to have a show with a good female lead (and female bestie) without it being gimmicky or about how all of a woman’s decisions are lipstick-based or whatever. There are no “oh hormones are affecting my behaviour haha” or “ah I’m slightly less capable at life because of emotions” gags, it’s just a person doing a thing (lots of things, I’m trying to avoid spoilers here). I love it.

I’ve seen one or two people say they found it boring, those people are insane and best avoided. It’s badass. Did I mention? David Tennant plays the villain. You’re welcome.

Merry Crisp-mas

Tyrrell's Christmas Crisps

Yep. I’m not even sorry, how cute are these? I love that Tyrrell’s haven’t gone for a gimmicky Christmas flavour (I’m looking at you, disgusting Brie & Cranberry crisps) and are going on packaging and red and white appearance alone, I think it’s terribly classy.

Taste-wise? They’re posh crisps, you know what these taste like. They’re likely to be among the most expensive on the supermarket shelf, all the others are on offer because they look a bit gross, but these are worth springing for for special Christmas Eve snacking.

I half-did Thanksgiving, sort of..

My Thanksgiving Dinner

By which I mean, I felt compelled on Thursday 26th November to bake a pumpkin pie and eat a lot of mashed potatoes and gravy. Good gravy.

To make the pie, I defrosted the stash of mashed pumpkin that I froze last month (thanks, past Cate) and cooked all the liquid out of it, then added spices and a little sugar and baked in a basic shortcrust. That’s what your supposed to do, right? I don’t actually know how you’re supposed to go about making pumpkin pie.

More Christmas chocolate


Last week I was getting all overexcited for Lindt, this week I’m all about Elizabeth Shaw’s collection. Dark Gingerbread Crisp, Milk Amaretto Neapolitan, Smooth Orange Creme and Dark Caramel Neapolitan. Christmassy, no? I can only eat the gingerbread crisp (the whole dairy thing) but my Grandad and little sister are devouring the others before my very eyes as we speak.

Good things that happened this week..

In my world, there was all kinds of goodness. On Thursday, I hosted the #fdbloggers Twitter chat for the first time ever and it was a lot of fun – we talked about Christmas for an entire hour, heaven. I can’t wait to host again, I’m planning something with a vegan theme for Veganuary.. If you ever want to join the chat (or watch it happen) just follow the #fdbloggers tag at 8pm on Thursdays.

My best friend and her boyfriend started a food blog this week! Which is very exciting!! And deserving of lots of exclamation marks!! They’re a super cute couple who love cooking, and they’re total ones to watch. Go check out their first post here and give them some love! You can find them on Twitter too.

I finally watched Julie & Julia. That was a long time coming. Good movie.

Now your turn.

I really want to know how your week has been. Leave me a comment, send me a tweet, drop me an email. You can find me on all the socials below.

See you next week for more festive nonsense. x

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  1. Sounds like you are well in the Christmas zone already & I am impressed with your day! I love Christmas movies and baking but I would never be so efficient as to get 2.5 movies in AND get all that done. I wish 😉 ! I do like special crisps occasionally & have to confess I get quite excited when shops like Marks and Spencer bring out their holiday flavours – I have been known to spend 20 mins (or more…) just admiring the bags in the shop. It’s quite sad, I know, but I love the little things 🙂

    • To be fair, I had the Christmas films on in the background in the kitchen, so it was multitasking at its finest.. I’m the same with Marks and Sparks!!

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