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Keep Calm It's Only Christmas Mug

Happy Sunday

Today I’m helping my Grandparents decorate their Christmas tree, please join me in judging them for leaving it this late, it is truly unacceptable. I’ll also be making Nigella’s chestnut cheesecake and Jess and Josh’s leek carbonara for lunch and I reckon a roast is on the cards tonight. A very good Sunday on all counts, I’d say.

Christmas Dogs Bed Sheets

Good things that happened this week..

  • My bed became an even happier place because I bought a Christmas dogs duvet cover. I can’t put into words how much joy it’s given me. George at ASDA is the place to be if you want to grab some of these (or one of their other festive sets) for £10!!
  • I wore Christmas socks almost every day this week.
  • I only ate my advent calendar chocolate early once. Just once. I think that makes me an adult.
  • I got the family together to taste test mulled wine and mincemeat from a few different supermarkets, it was festive and fun. Results will be blogged this week.
  • I’m struggling to think of anything else. What that means is, I’ve hardly left the house all week. This is not a bad thing.

Fish and Chips

I ate Saturday night fish and chips featuring two orders of mushy peas and a pickled onion. I believe that is what they call the works. It delighted me.

Lindt Bear Bauble

I done did a little Christmas D.I.Y, am I Pinterest yet? I used the bauble leftover from my Christmas tea bauble (thanks, Bluebird) and stuffed some lovely gold Lindt bears in there. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I hope they haven’t melted. I’m gonna go check..

Grandad Making Tea

Ah, the things my family do for me. This is my Grandad making a pot of tea for our supermarket mincemeat taste testing session whilst wearing antlers earlier this week, keep your eye out for that post..

Spelt and Wholemeal Rude Health Loaf

Remember last week I showed you the new sprouted flours from Rude Health? Well, I made a spelt and wholemeal loaf with them, and it was delicious. Do you love my photography for this shot? Brown on brown on brown, inspired.

In the mail this week..

Winter warmer juice

Winter Warmer Juice from B.Fresh

This is the #winterwarmer carrot, apple and ginger juice from B.Fresh. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about drinking something cold in December, and I feel like this could be peppier or spicier to make it a little warmer – but it’s not half bad.

I’ve just realised I should have tried heating this up. If you buy this, heat it up and tell me what you think? Thanks in advance.

You can grab it at Whole Foods for £2.50 if you’re one of those crazies that drinks juice instead of cocktails at Christmas time.

Syrup, four different god damn kinds of syrup

PURE Maple Syrup

Can somebody call Elf from the movie Elf? He needs to get involved. This right here is the best of the best, and I’ve got it in every shade.

100% pure maple syrup from Quebec, Canada. This stuff is excellent, I’ve tried the medium strength (is strength the right word?) and it’s to die for. I can’t wait to compare each of them. Keep an eye out on Instagram for some Christmas-movie-worthy treats drenched in this stuff.

Find out more at

Total Geekery

Cooking For Geeks

I’ve been flicking through the pages of this tome this week and it’s just fabulous, I’ll be keeping it close to hand for when learning new techniques and double checking the scientific aspect of cooking (always advised, it’s so good to understand what’s actually going on in there, makes you a much better cook!).

The book is called Cooking For Geeks and you can find out more about it at

How’s your week been? Tell me all about it.

Keep an eye on the blog this week for Christmas supermarket taste testing results, a review of the Riverford recipe box and maybe a recipe or two if I magic some time out of thin air.

Bye-e-e-e-e. x

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  2. Love love love the Christmas mug and bed linen. I’m also on the Christmas sock train since the beginning of this week and they really do make me so happy!

  3. Annmaree says

    Off to look at that maple syrup website! I was looking for some in ‘nicer bottles than the supermarket ones’ and these look ace!

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