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Christmas Supermarket Taste Test | Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine Supermarket Taste Test 2015

If you were here yesterday for our foray into mincemeat territory, then you know that last Wednesday, I brought my family together for an afternoon of festive eating and drinking in the name of this blog.

From our investigation into mincemeat, we learned very little. Sainsbury’s was crowned our winner and Morrison’s deemed to be the least favourite, but only by small margins. Our main discovery: it all pretty much tastes the same, so get the cheapest one.

The mulled wine, however, took a slightly different turn. I’m very excited about the winner of this taste test, so I’ll get straight to the judgey comments on each bottle, shall I.. ranking from worst to best..

4 – Sainsbury’s Mulled Wine, £3, 75cl

People really did not like this one. It was almost comical. I’m not sure where Sainsbury’s went wrong here exactly, but wrong they did go. Weak taste, unpleasant aftertaste, my Nan went so far as to call it tasteless. I’d avoid this one – although perhaps give their Taste the Different one a try, if you (like me) do your regular shop there.

3 – ALDI Glühwein, £4.99, 1 litre

This was my personal least favourite, but the team overall ranked it second least. It was far too strong to be casually enjoyable in the way you want mulled wine to be, it reminded me of taking a swig of Frosty Jack’s as a kid – if you know, you know.

2 – Waitrose Mulled Wine, £4.49, 75cl

It’s a Waitrose product so it wasn’t going to suck, everybody ranked it between a 7 and a 9 out of 10, if you’re passing by Waitrose then you may confidently purchase this bottle. But if you have time to head somewhere else and save literally half your money, read on my friend..

1 – ASDA Mulled Wine (not the ginger one), £2.50, 75cl

OK, maybe we’re a really cheap family, this I am willing add to the fairness of the taste test, but there were whoops for this bottle. Everybody loved it. A good spicy aroma, all the expected flavours came through, it really had it all going on. And it cost two pounds fifty. We have our winner.

You all know that I know nothing about wine, but I don’t need extensive knowledge to tell you which cheapo bottle of mulled stuff tastes the best, and believe me – it’s the cheapo-est of them all that you need to stock up on this year.

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FYI – all tasters but me were blind, so there were no label preconceptions in case you were wondering!!


    • I tried to get the co-op one, but they wouldn’t let me buy a bottle because I was with my 18 year old sister who didn’t bring her ID (on a food shop). I got so annoyed that I decided to just disqualify them alltogether haha.

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