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Riverford Recipe Box Review

Riverford Recipe Box Review

When the Riverford recipe box arrived, I was immediately majorly keen on the way it was organised. The chilled bits and pieces were to one side in one of those funny reusable woolly things that these boxes always have, and the cupboard ingredients were cleverly sectioned out according to which recipe they belonged to.

If I had a bigger kitchen, I would have had the option to just leave the box out all week and not put anything away, and have the ingredients really easily accessible. One point to laziness, it’s looking good so far.

Riverford Recipe Box Review, Bubble and Squeak Cakes

I went for an “original” box, which means meat-eater-friendly, cause I was just feeling like it on the day I made that decision. Flexitarianism, people, all freedom all the time. These bubble and squeak cakes were the first recipe I tried and god damn it they were good.

They really were delicious, I’m not playing, but they felt like such a hassle to make. It took me a long time, there were a lot of pans involved, the washing up felt like a total drag (even more than usual, that is) afterwards. It was just a lot.

Weekend lunch? Sure. Weeknight dinner in a hurry? No way no how, I wouldn’t have been down with it.

Chorizo and Sprout Top Pasta

The second meal, another delicious one, chorizo and sprout top pasta. The ingredients here are killer, they’re all so tasty. Really good chorizo, fresh sprout tops, organic white spelt spaghetti, it’s the works.

Again with this recipe though, there was something so long winded about it, I also felt like the timing was a little off. For example, the first step here was to get the water on to boil the pasta, despite there being like a half hour of chopping and stuff ahead, which didn’t still well with me..

Beef and Kale Fajitas

I cannot sing the praises of this meal loudly enough, nor the recipe. Finally, a quick and easy one! I would be so happy to make these beef and kale fajitas any night of the week. Gorgeous gorgeous flavours, and all I had to do was fry the beans, make a little guac, cook the beef and heat up the tortillas. That’s more like it.

The beef came in its marinade, and I need the recipe for the marinade. In fact, I will be asking for it, so.. wish me luck there.

My verdict all in all..

I would confidently recommend a Riverford recipe box to somebody like me who sees cooking as a joy and not a drag. It may have been this particular box, but the first two recipes I tried would have driven someone like my Nan (very good but certainly reluctant cook) up the wall, whereas the HelloFresh box I trialled recently had dinner on the table in half an hour.

Where Riverford really wins though is quality of ingredients and flavour. This is really good food, really really good. I’ve been craving those beef and kale fajitas since I made them last week, and thought about them almost daily. You can see the complexity and extra time put into these recipes as either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you prefer to get down to business in the kitchen.

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You can get your hands on a Riverford recipe box just like the one I tried out in this blog post for £39.95 here. I was sent this recipe box free of charge in order to review it.


  1. I think I would definitely enjoy one of these, cooking is such a joy, I find it the best form of relaxation! well, that and eating too! We get a Riverford veg box at home every fortnight, so I may have to splash out and give the recipe box a try at some point, their food is very very good! Alice xxx


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