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Hey, Check This Out

Coloured Fairylights

Happy Sunday to you all.

My Sunday is going to be particularly happy, I’m heading to London to hang out with my Godparents and their gorgeous little people. I’m beyond excited to be in the same room as people who still believe in Santa.

I’ve been so busy with work this week that I’ve hardly got anything exciting to show you at all, but I’ve pulled a few little things out of the bag for you..

Jess and Josh Cook's Leek Carbonara

I made Jess and Josh’s leek carbonara. It was as good as it looks in this picture – which is good, I’m not wrong there am I?

Prosecco Cocktail

I threw a Christmas dinner party. It was badass. You can read about it if you’d like to, I recommend that you eat before reading, just saying.

Mince Pie Dog Treat for Molly

This year, the #fdbloggers (food bloggers, that’s our social media hashtag, if you didn’t know that before then you do now) did a Secret Santa, and my gift came this week! There were some really sweet little foodie things in there for me, but I got most excited about the fact that there were mince pie dog treats for Molly. So cute, so thoughtful, I’m so into it. Thank you, Santa.

Christmas Tree



My Grandparents did an amazing job of decorating their place (after overcoming the annual tradition of my Grandad buying a preposterously large Christmas tree and having to cut it here there and everywhere just to get it into the house), I can’t wait to come over on Christmas Day and settle into a few days of doing absolutely bloody nothing – after cooking Christmas dinner, that is.


Flat White Martini

Flat White Martini With Baileys

The total babes at Baileys sent me a little hamper for the holidays this week, featuring a recipe for the flat white martini. It is delicious but lethally strong, I’m so bringing this kit over to Jess’s on Christmas Eve. A drink that will keep you peppy all night and get you drunk is well worth having in your repertoire, is it not?

I’m also determined to buy the chocolate Baileys again this year and try this recipe with that. Have you guys tried chocolate Baileys? It is next level, allow it to infiltrate your life.

If you wanna see how the Baileys martini is done, check this out.

Christmas Cupcakes Decorated with Boswells of Oxford

I made chocolate whisky cupcakes a few weeks back and wanted to wait until now, the last roundup post before Christmas, to tell you about them. I wasn’t 100% happy with the recipe, so you can’t get it just yet, but be assured that a shot or two (or three, or four) of whisky in your buttercream would not go amiss.

All the painfully cute decorations you see (I’m particularly in love with the little bear) were courtesy of Boswell’s of Oxford, make sure you check them out!

That’s all, folks.

My next Sunday post will be post-Christmas. Isn’t that scary, depressing and exciting all at the same time? See you then. And a few times in between.

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