Veganuary 2016
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My First All Vegan Food Shop

My First All Vegan Food Shop

Welcome to 2016! Feeling refreshed and ready to take on a whole new year? Nope, me neither. Let’s try the best we can anyway, shall we?

I thought I’d kick off Veganuary by showing you my first vegan food shop of the challenge. Not as an example as such, but perhaps a point of reference or inspiration or whatever the hell you feel like taking from it. Stick around after the list to see what I’m planning for the groceries I picked up, and what I couldn’t get hold of that I’m going to have to try and find elsewhere..

Spinach – £1
Animal pasta shapes (yep) – 90p
Chestnut mushrooms – £2
Avocados (2 packs of 2) – £3.60
Sweet + salty popcorn – £1
Ready-to-eat puy lentils (2 packs) – £4
Cashews (2 packs) – £1.50
Baked beans – 24p
Oreos – £1.08
3 loose bananas – 36p
Frozen mango chunks – £2
Crumpets – 50p
Almond milk – £1.40
Jus-Rol puff pastry sheet – £1.50
Tomato puree – 50p
4 cans chopped tomatoes – £1.50
2 x fajita mix packets – £1.78
White onions – 70p
Red onions – 25p
Mixed peppers – 79p
Pea and bean shoots – 62p
Dates – £1.50
Houmous – £1.89
Loose parsnips – 50p
Peanut butter – 62p
Coconut milk – 79p

Total: £32.52

Vegan Food Shop

First lets talk about the surprise vegan foods.. Oreos. Vegan. Me happy. Puff pastry? Huge surprise, but I checked the label and it’s true, ain’t no animal products in that buttery tasting base. It’s all margarine. This opens up a hell of a lot of quick lunches and dinners.

The two meals I had properly planned in my head when I did this food shop were mushroom bolognese using the chestnut mushrooms (already made it, it’s delicious, will hopefully post the recipe for you) and lentil fajitas with those super convenient ready-to-eat lentils.

The spinach, mango and avocado are for a green smoothie recipe I found in the Food52 vegan cookbook (I made that already too, check it on Insta). I’ll also be eating a lot of creamy wraps, that’s what the extra avocado, houmous and shoots are for.

I couldn’t find any vegan cheese at all at the supermarket, and they only had the soft, wobbly kind of tofu (ew) so I’m still on the hunt for those aaand tempeh.. Brighton people let me know where to look!

If you’re doing Veganuary too, let me know in the comments what you’re planning to eat.. if you’re not, let me know if any of these meals sound edible to you!

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  1. Puff pastry is vegan?! Amazing, this opens up so many options. I’m planning lots of curry laska, lentil daal and plenty of peanut butter on toast. It’s gonna be interesting see what works (and what doesn’t..)

  2. You should definitely look in the Asian supermarkets on Preston St for all the amazing types of tofu, especially the bigger one slightly closer to the sea. I recommend the firm Chinese five spice flavour one, it’s great in salads and stir-fry and soup because it holds its shape when cooked (and can be eaten cold too). While you’re there check out some of the proper Chinese sauces – they don’t all have shrimp in! I particularly recommend Sichuanese chilli bean paste and this great chilli and black bean one. Lao Gan Ma is a good (authentic) brand. There’s a good selection of the sauces (but not really much tofu) in the Chinese shop in the Open Market if you can’t face Western Road…

  3. I’m so surprised at how many things are vegan – and how many options you have! The mushroom bolognaise sounds great, as does the smoothie. I’m not sure I could ever go vegan but might I might try incorporating more vegetarian meals into my diet – could be a nice change to diversify what I eat! Hope Veganuary goes well!

    Laura |

  4. I can’t believe puff pastry is vegan, it makes no sense to me but I’m so happy! I like the fajita idea, I’ve got a lot of wraps planned for my veganuary meals at the moment.

  5. Susie says

    I made vegan Mac and cheese using nutritional yeast and cashews-actually really good! Got 1kg of organic cashews off amazon for £13! Good luck x

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