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Hey, Check This Out

Happy Sunday

I’m finally accepting the New Year and I’ve almost stopped crying myself to sleep whilst singing “where are you Christmas” by Cindy-Lou Who. It takes me longer than most, that’s just who I am. In all seriousness though, it’s been a great week. Let’s talk about small sections of it in not a lot of detail.


Good things that happened this week

  • I finally published the recipe for vegan fajitas.
  • Women’s Health Magazine has dropped the phrase “bikini body” from their publication now and forever. Magazines have been the toxic frenemies of women for too long, I hope to see more steps forward like this in the near future.
  • I bought Molly a new toy and it made her wag her tail for about 10 straight minutes. It’s a little ducky made of rope and it was worth every penny of the £3 it cost.
  • I listened to a lovely/funny/very very British programme every day this week on Radio 4 with David Mitchell. It’s about manners. Find it here.
  • Jess and Josh cooked me a vegan dinner and it was delicious.

Molly the Border Terrier

This is the toy I’m talking about. Also, if you’re new, this is Molly.

Yoga with Adriene’s #yogacamp

Yoga with Adriene Yoga Camp

Adriene Mishler has changed my life. I say that with none of the layers of sarcasm or irony that would usually smother a statement like that on this blog. She’s just a beautiful human being.

I first discovered Adriene’s YouTube yoga classes last year through her 30 Days of Yoga, and she’s doing something similar this year in the form of #YogaCamp. Her laid back but completely supportive attitude to teaching yoga just so works for me. Even though she’s behind a computer screen, I always feel like she has my back.

I’ve practised yoga almost every day this month, the only exceptions being the two occasions on which I went to the pub instead, but I think that just speaks volumes for my dedication to a balanced lifestyle. I really recommend that you take a look at Adriene’s YouTube channel if you are at all interested in giving yoga a try, she’s got everything you need.

Is it just me or is Netflix on fire right now?

Making a Murderer is amazing, believe the hype on that one. Also check out How to Get Away With Murder once you’re done with it.

Hitting the shelves

A couple of new-to-me products made it into my kitchen this week for review purposes..

Multi Seed Porridge Oats

Multi Seed Porridge Oats from Flahavan's

Multi Seed Porridge Oats from Flahavan's

A particularly convenient product launch for Veganuary, these new porridge oats from Flahavan’s are mixed with sunflower, flax, pumpkin and hemp seeds. The resulting bowl of porridge is tasty, a little bit crunchy and contains an added protein boost. Also, the packet is very pretty.

You can find out more about Flahavan’s on their website.

Hi-Pro Peanut Butter

Hi-Pro Peanut Butter

If you – as I was – are sceptical about what might make this brand of peanut butter any higher in protein than any of the other brands, you might be interested to know that it gets an extra boost from peanut flour. Whilst very high in protein therefore ideal for the runners on its jar, its texture is very thick and gummy (presumably thanks to the peanut flour) so it’s probably best used in shakes and sauces. I’ll be whizzing this up with some sesame oil and a little maple syrup for a quick noodle dressing.

You can find out more about Hi-Pro on their website or grab it at Sainsbury’s for £2.70.

That’s about it this week

Keep your eyes open around here for a few more vegan recipes over the next seven days, I’m finally upping my game and giving you things you can actually cook. We’ve got a big breakfast, a vegan take on my butternut squash pasta sauce and I think another thing that I’ve forgotten. Who knows, wild card, let’s go with it.

How was your week?

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  1. Flahavan’s oats, I’m a big fan and eat much of! Dogs and new toys are just hilarious, they get so excited, it makes you kinda wish you were a dog 😀

  2. Annmaree says

    Def trying the protein peanut butter, I loooooove a protein shake with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, banana, gf oats and almond milk. This will be perfect or it!

  3. I didn’t know that Women’s Health was dropping the term bikini body. Such a great move, and hopefully more companies will follow! I really hate seeing it everywhere and hearing it thrown about.
    I started watching How To Get Away With Murder and then forgot about it… must carry it on!

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