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Sabai Thai (Vegan Takeaway) Review

Saba Thai Vegan Takeaway in Brighton Review

Quick note: I apologise for the poor quality of photography in this post, it’s dark at night time, my kitchen is poorly lit, life is what it is. I thought you could handle crappy photographs for the sake of finding out what a vegan takeaway is like.

Last night I felt a bit miserable. Lacking in both desire to go out and shop for food and creativity to rustle something up from the bizarre ingredients that I had floating around, it was time to make good on my promise to try the vegan side of the Sabai Thai menu.

You guys know I’m a bit rubbish at writing about food that I didn’t cook, it’s just not my jam, but I’m hoping you’ll get the gist.

Ruam Mit Shub Pang Tord (Thai Tempura)

Ruam Mit Shub Pang Tord (Thai Tempura), £4.95 

My god these veggies were good. I’m going to ask Emily if she can teach me how to do the whole tempura batter thing so that I can eat this exact thing again ASAP. The veg wasn’t mushy at all, particularly impressive considering that there’s broccoli in the mix there. Is £4.95 pushing it a little bit for battered vegetables? Potentially. But I get it.

Sabai Vegetable Wrap

Sabai Vegetable Wrap, £4.95

Also amazing. Really fresh, crunchy veg, amazing flavour. The satay sauce in there didn’t taste at all synthetic or overly sweet like it so often can be. I’m not sure exactly what those pancakes are made out of, but they’re gluten free as well as vegan, if that means anything good to you.

Vegan Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

Vegan Som Tum (Papaya Salad), £6.95

This was tasty, just the right amount of spicy, zingy, but not as “oh my god this is delicious” as those appetisers.

If you’re looking for a vegan takeaway in Brighton, this 100% gets my stamp of approval. In fact, I can pretty confidently say that I’ll be ordering from Sabai

Thai again next time I feel like splashing out on a non-greasy takeaway. Almost everything on the menu has a plant based version, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a genuinely vegan-friendly menu at a not-solely-vegan restaurant.

Actually sod it, I might have to put some normal clothes on and actually go to the actual restaurant. Shock horror.

I ordered through Deliveroo, but you can find ’em at:

165-169 Princes House
Princes Place
North Street

Where shall I try next? I’d love to discover some more vegan takeaway options, so please link me up in the comments section if you know of any – and make sure you share this post with your vegan friends if they ever pass through Brighton, they’ll be grateful. 

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  1. This looks delicious! Your first line made me laugh! I feel the pain with the lack of lighting at the moment. The food still looks fab though, and is making me question why I don’t live in Brighton.

    L x

  2. Those pancakes I think are rice based – we bought something really similar from the oriental supermarket once when we were trying to buy spring roll pancakes – they definitely didn’t work in the same way and were clear circles that looked a bit like unsoaked gelatine (like this – rather than the filo like pastry squares you’d usually get for making spring rolls (like this – Hope that helps! Alice xx

  3. Looks really good and recently I’ve gotten a bit sick of cooking/trying to feel inspired to come up with dinner in the evenings so I understand the appeal of the takeaway! Unfortunately, I don’t have any vegan/healthy takeaway options near me so instead I’ve been on a run of sandwiches…but that’s not so bad! 🙂

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