Veganuary 2016
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Veganuary | 2 Weeks In

Veganuary Update Week 2

Guys this is just alarmingly easy. Veganism is suiting me down to the god damn ground. I’ve tried to pack this post with lots more information this week (here’s last weeks if you missed it) because I’m finding loads of really helpful and interesting stuff during my own research. If you’ve got your own tips and discoveries and hilarious vegan anecdotes (do they exist?) to share, please please do so in the comments!

The closest I’ve come to cheating this week..

I regret to inform you, dear friends, that I did have to cheat this week. This wasn’t a hands trembling, beads of sweat down the forehead “I must eat butter with a spoon” cheat, it was the kind I mentioned in my pledge at the start of this challenge. I develop recipes for a handful of clients, and most of them were on board with going vegan for January, but one of them involved chicken. My hand was forced.

The best thing I ate this week

Why is this such a difficult question? My takeaway from Sabai Thai was pretty good.. but then so was my vegan cooked breakfast.. and the delicious delicious curry I made on Wednesday night.. I might drop this category, it’s too much pressure.

Vegan Curry

My biggest cravings this week

This week I’m really craving eggs. It’s annoying me that I can’t boil an egg as a quick snack, poach an egg and slop it into some soup, fry an egg to serve with my greens or scramble some eggs for breakfast. If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I love eggs dearly, and I’m really starting to miss them. Another simple pleasure I’m longing for is far too much goats butter on a fat hunk of fresh bread. Interestingly, cheese has hardly crossed my mind, and I really thought it would, on a regularly basis, come to me in my dreams.

A few basic meals from week 2

Basic Vegan Meals for Veganuary

Top left: A tortilla wrap filled with houmus, kale, baked chestnut mushrooms and sweet chilli sauce. It was good, but I think I’m gonna cool it with the wraps next week unless I can find some super-organic-fancy ones because they’re not agreeing with my stomach at all..

Top right: Stir fried kale and ready to eat lentils with probably-too-much-salt and a sprinkling of garlic granules. This has been a really common breakfast for me this week, it’s surprisingly filling.

Bottom left: Breakfast for dinner. Beans, Linda sausages, potato waffles, avocado and mushrooms.

Bottom right: Udon noodle soup with mushrooms. I’ve had a very mushroomy week, I hadn’t noticed that until just now.

Vegan finds worth sharing

Vegan Millionaire's Shortbread

In the world of food, I ate 5 vegan millionaire’s shortbread squares in a space of time that will remain undisclosed. Consider them very highly recommended. I also discovered Alpro soya single cream which makes for a fancy coffee and a creamy pasta sauce (that’s all I’ve tried it in so far, I’ll be buying another carton and experimenting further). I also ordered a totally vegan takeaway from Sabai Thai and talked about it here.

Anything else to note?

Yes. I’m getting a bit annoyed with people who are stubbornly against the concept of veganism, and want to pick a fight with you purely because there isn’t any meat on your plate. I’ve always found that (even though it’s so fashionable right now) some people are a bit spiky about vegetarianism, but when people see the word vegan they really start popping off on one. I’ll be writing a more articulate and comprehensive post on this at the end of the month I think, but that’s what’s been very much on my mind this week.

Also, I bought more vegan cheese. This time a soft cheese that came very highly recommended. Look out for a deep exploration into its taste this week (and read about my first vegan cheese experience too).

How are you all getting on? Link me to your update posts if you have them and leave me lots of advice!

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  1. You make it sound so easy! I would definitely like to incorporate more vegetarian and vegan food into my diet, it just seems like a no-brainer – and I just might start with that udon soup. Looks like just the thing for this crazy cold weather we’re having.

  2. What have you cooked your mushrooms in your breakfast for dinner picture? It looks creamy but it can’t be cream! I am very intrigued!

  3. Just found your blog! A lot of my friends ask me for advice about going vegan but as I don’t run a food blog I can’t help them much, however I really really liked your round up and will look into those resources myself for ideas and definitely pass them on to my friends! So thank you!

  4. Some really good looking food here, no wonder you’re enjoying it! Hope next week is just as tasty. Do you have a recipe for your curry? It looks darn good!

    • Fry an onion, add curry powder and a bit of maple syrup and stir til its formed a li’l bit of a paste, then chuck a can of coconut milk in and a bit of veg stock and add some more veg (I usually chuck some roasted cauliflower in thats really nice) and maybe some nuts if you’ve got any. Simmer til it looks like dinner.

  5. Well done for keeping up with Veganuary and keeping us all updated. Thanks for the links to other resources too, the Food52 list has been really useful.

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