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Happy Sunday

I didn’t wake up until 1pm today. Am I still dreaming? Am I even here? I don’t even know anymore. Here’s this week immortalised in blog form.

  • I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but Phil and Holly live on This Morning, fresh from an NTA after party, still wasted and giggling like 8 year olds completely made my day on Thursday. Would this happen anywhere other than the UK? I feel like it wouldn’t. I love my country in a big way.
  • I listened to The Guilty Feminist podcast today and it was very funny.
  • I’ve also been listening to a lot of Chain Reaction this week, it’s all my favourite people interviewing all my other favourite people and it makes me very happy.

The Nordic Coffee Co, Brighton

On Thursday afternoon, I met my very best friend Jess at Nordic Coffee Collective to get some work done in a place that wasn’t my kitchen. It’s a lovely little spot to grab a coffee with plenty of room for both millenials glued to their laptops and 2 year olds having a sugar rush. Extra points for playing the new(ish) Jamie XX album.

I plan to do more of this (getting work done outside of the kitchen that is) so if you’ve got a favourite corner of Brighton that happens to have wi-fi, tell me all about it in the comments section.

The Vegan Sheese-Burger on Cate in the Kitchen

Do you remember my latest vegan cheese review? I’ve been putting the sheese from that post in a bun with a vegan burger I picked up in Infinity Foods and whatever else is in the fridge this week. I call it the sheeseburger, and I think it’s really cool. Stay tuned for more on the mock cheeseburger front, I’m playing with the idea a lot in my head and it’ll hopefully turn into a blog post at some point.

Sport Relief Apron

How gorgeous is the official apron for Sport Relief 2016? It was designed by the very talented Orla Kiely! I was lucky enough to be sent one through the post this week and I’ve been sporting it whenever I get the chance. You can pick up one of your very own from TK Maxx for £12.99.


The launch of the ChattyPillow means I can have these two in my bed.. they’re very cosy and wonderful, get the set for £22 from my good friends at ChattyFeet!

Food52 Vegan Cookbook

I keep meaning to write a full post on the Food52 Vegan Cookbook and I keep not having time. You should know that it’s very good and absolutely worth purchasing whether or not you’re a full time vegan.

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