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I’m a dirty dirty cheat

MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

I have a confession to make

MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

Dead Hippie Burger from Meat Liquor through Deliveroo

Cheese Fries from MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

Fried Pickles from MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

I’ve let you down, I’ve let myself down, I’ve let Veganuary down.

On Saturday the 23rd January, I broke my promise of abstaining from animal products that I made to the internet. I broke it and I ordered a great big juicy burger from MeatLiquor with a side of cheese fries and fried pickles. I’m very sorry.

For hours afterward I couldn’t get the image of that crazy bitch nun from Game of Thrones ringing her bell of shame out of my mind. I tried to scrub the traces of dead hippie sauce from my hands like Lady Macbeth scrubbing away at blood. I felt the guilt and I felt it hard.

I blame Deliveroo and MeatLiquor for being sexy, evil temptresses.

Please feel free to hurl Shakespearean insults along the ruined woman vein at me in the comments, for that is what I am.

Over and out.

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  1. Anonymous says

    And there I was feeling bad about having a measly orange cream from the bottom of a box of Quality Street when things got desperate at work yesterday. Not angry Cate, just very, very disappointed.

  2. That was a late order- 21:46!! You may feel as though you have cheated, but think of all the animals you’ve saved the rest of the month! Was it at least absolutely delicious and exactly what you’ve been longing for? I particularly enjoyed the tag “adultery” – we’re only human, and sometimes needs must when it comes to juicy cheesy burgers on a saturday night!! πŸ˜‰ Alice xx

  3. Seamus always shouts ‘shame’ at me like the nun when I’ve done something wrong… or just whenever! Don’t worry Cate, I think you did a superb job, no one is perfect and meatliquor is the one! x

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cheated, although you’ve done much better than I have. It’s hard to give anything up so quickly and go cold turkey without a slip up. Don’t worry and enjoy the last few days of Veganuary.

    • OK look maybe I had come home from the pub early and felt like I had some bad choices to make because I’d made a good one that night.. maybe..

      • mikehawkes says

        Apologies for the double comment. It refreshed part way through and the other disappeared (wasn’t even pending).
        Hah of course if was pub induced. A good one you say?

      • Haha no worries! Yeah I decided to not get wasted cause I had to do my tax return Sunday, so I had a really bad case of ‘I made a good choice on a Saturday night’ syndrome. It drove me to the dead hippie burger.

  5. Tee hee hee, this is too funny. Don’t be too hard on yourself – think of it this way, it was only once over the course of how many days that you were vegan brilliant. At least you made it worth it πŸ˜‰

  6. Julie says

    Bless you! You’re human, not meant to be perfect, no one is really Mary Poppins.. The fact is you have given up a lot of meat and dairy this month so that’s fantastic x

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  8. Oh thou tottering bat-fowling flirt-gill! (Yes, I totally googled Shapespearean insults…)
    On a serious note though, you’ve still done really well through Veganuary, and I think going from a meat-eater to immediately cutting meat, dairy and eggs out is difficult. You should still be massively proud of that!

  9. darkconfessional says

    Shame on you! Haha, no, it’s cool, thanks for giving Veganism a try though! I wish more people would!

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