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Lemon + Garlic Baby Potatoes (plus an infused oil giveaway)

Lemon + Garlic Baby Potatoes on Cate in the Kitchen

Rapeseed oil is something I haven’t given enough attention to – both on this blog and in my actual life. So when the opportunity arose to get together with Borderfields and get the stuff right up in my grill (and yours), I totes grabbed it. 

The main reason I really want to explore rapeseed oil more in my cooking is the fact that it’s produced here in the UK. I like the fact that there’s a 0.001% chance that I’ve walked through the field that produced the oil I use to cook my dinner, you know?


image: nekonomania

Many feel that rapeseed oil is a healthier choice to olive oil. I’m reluctant to jump on that train because the endless research papers and opinion pieces on the health benefits of and comparisons between each of them just make my brain hurt. For me, it’s something I want to start using alongside my beloved olive oil in the kitchen.

The most exciting thing for me about the Borderfields range is their infused oils. They’ve got an awesome selection – chilli, basil, lemon, garlic, garlic and ginger. It’s all happening. There’s a chance to win an Infusions Gift Pack at the bottom of this blog post, so go ahead and scroll down if that’s what you’re here for!

I put their lemon infused oil to the test in the sexy little recipe you’re about to see. It does lose it’s flavour just a smidge during cooking, so I’m gonna save the rest of this bottle for salad dressings and finishing, but it gives a gooorgeous flavour nonetheless – it just wants brightening just before serving with a gentle squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Lemon + Garlic Baby Potatoes

Lemon + Garlic Baby Potatoes on Cate in the Kitchen

500g baby potatoes
5-6 garlic cloves, unpeeled
big pinch salt + pepper
1-2 tbsps lemon infused rapeseed oil

spritz of fresh lemon juice to finish

  1. Heat the oven to Gas Mark 6 (conversions here) and line a baking sheet with whatever you’ve got to hand (I use baking paper at the moment, it’s a thing I am enjoying, roll with it).
  2. Slice the little baby potatoes in half, chuck them on the baking tray with the salt, pepper, garlic and oil and give it all a good shake and stir to coat.
  3. Roast for 35-45 minutes until crispy and delicious then squeeze over a little lemon juice. Pop the garlic out of their skins and savour them with the potatoes (roast garlic is bae).



To be in with a chance to win your very own set of Borderfields infusions, just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the Rafflecopter page to enter.

Enter the giveaway here

How would you use the infused oils in your cooking? (She asks, looking for delicious inspo)…

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  1. Victoria Prince says

    I’d use them for my salads – I usually put pasta or potatoes with them and this would be ideal to liven them up a bit!

  2. Adrian Bold says

    The Basil infused oil would go nicely in some of my Italian recipes.


    I think I would just live off lemon & garlic baby potatoes! I’m desperately wanting to try these now!

  4. Christine Hobbs says

    I often use sweet potatoes with this oil and garlic and its also lush

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