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Review | Union Grill at The Gladstone

The Union at The Gladstone, Brighton, Review

Guys I’m really sorry that I only ever review takeaway restaurant food, I promise that this year I will start eating out more and taking pictures in daylight every now and then that don’t completely suck. I figure you’d rather know about these places and cope with the fact that not all my blog posts are pornos than not know about them at all, right? I’ll do better, I’m working on it, bear with me.

The Gladstone is one of my favourite pubs in Brighton for its gorgeous garden (the place to be on a sunny afternoon) and not horrifically busy or slow bar. It’s a diamond in the rough-around-the-edges vibe Lewes Road has held on to that London Road has been desperately trying to escape these past few years.

Despite it being a lovely place to pop down to, I didn’t actually leave my threshold to finally give Union Grill a try.. There were three reasons for this:

1 – It was Monday.
2 – Deliveroo had very kindly given me £20 credit so that I could write more about my adventures in being really bloody lazy and never going outside. See here, here and here for three far too close together incidents of the same ilk.
3- I was not ready to be chowing down on chicken in public the day after Veganuary. This was something I needed to do alone on the floor in my basement, you know?

Thankfully, burgers travel pretty damn well, so I wasn’t punished for my sloth-meets-agraphobic tendencies. Let’s talk about the food, shall we?

Chicken Burger at The Union, The Gladstone, Brighton
Chicken Burger from The Union, The Gladstone, Brighton

Chicken Burger, £8

A gorgeous bun which they make in house (this was announced on Twitter with the hashtag #ballache, which has made me completely fall in love with whoever runs their social media) filled with the uncomplicated combo of fried chicken, lettuce, garlic mayo and hot sauce. The basics done really well. Tender, juicy chicken, just the right amount of sauciness without too much heat, I was super into it. When I go down there (and I will be going down there) I’m going to have to give their seitan burger (vegan, I presume) a try. That or I’ll gorge on the brisket and jalapeno. You never know which girl you’re getting until the very last minute with me I’m afraid.

Buffalo Fries from The Union, The Gladstone, Brighton

Buffalo Fries, £5

I’ve been talking about these all week. Fries with hot sauce, blue cheese and ranch dressing. They’re not stingy with any of the toppings (this is a crime committed by many when it comes to fries-with-everything situations, so shout out to Union Grill for bucking the trend) and they just. taste. so. good. You have to get these on the side, whatever you eat, I don’t care if you go for a roast, just get the god damn buffalo fries.

Mac & Cheese, The Union, The Gladstone, Brighton

Mac & Cheese, £3.50

A small pot of “it’s ok that your day was less than satisfactory, it’s cool that you don’t have your shit together in a big way right now, I’m here for you and I contain a lot of cheese” which is all I really want or need on a Monday night.

I’m psyched about going down to The Gladstone ASAP to get me some more of this action, my Dad’s coming down at the end of February and this might just be one of the places we hit to show off what Brighton has to offer in the way of proper decent pub food.

The Union Grill serves food 12pm-9pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm-7pm on Sundays – their roast menu looks a treat. You’ll find ’em at The Gladstone Pub, 123 Lewes Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3QB. Or, if you’re a lazy idiot who can’t change out of their trackies and put some mascara on like me, you can order through Deliveroo.

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  1. I sat there oggling that burger, and quickly went to deliveroo to get my hands on a similar piece of action, only to find out that they do not deliver to my work address, my home address, or indeed in Plymouth were I spend my weekends! Boo to living in the South West and not having the opportunity to have food brought to me! (Until uni, I had never had a takeaway delivered, at home we have to get in the car and drive ten miles to the local town to pick up a takeaway!) Alice xx

    • OH NOOO!! Mind you, at least you live in a nice part of the country. We may have decent takeaway and nightlife but everything else is shite, ha!

  2. If I had takeaway food of such good quality, there would be many nights of me on the floor in my basement. But alas, it seems Brighton knows food 🙂

  3. woah!! everything here looks so delicious! Lucky you getting some deliveroo help they will only deliver to city centre Leeds and 1 mile away to my house 😦

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