Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Hello. I’m coming to you today from a state of Sunday deliriousness that is proving to be half enjoyable and half inconvenient, but there’s nothing to do besides roll with it so that’s what I’m doing.

I hope you had a gorgeous weekend, mine was delicious. It really technically started on Thursday (early Galentine’s Day) and I took Friday off to have an excellent day doing as close nothing as it’s humanly possible to do then got really, really drunk yet somehow managed to make zero bad decisions. Yesterday I turned 21 and ate a lot of bread, and this morning I’m starting to get my shit together again. Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way.

  • I struggle to listen to music and work at the same time, the lyrics automatically distract me from writing – but I have officially found a workaround. Listening to music in another language isn’t distracting at all, because my brain isn’t attempting to listen to the words. Genius, right? Recommended: Francoise Hardy’s The Vogue Years.
  • Underworld released a new track in January and nobody saw fit to tell me, so I’ve only just found it. I’m completely obsessed with it. See also the new Chemical Brothers if you haven’t already.
  • OK, last music one, promise. I used to spend a lot of time on music blogs when I was a kid, and Newdust was my favourite. I’ve recently rediscovered it and I’m currently catching up on all their mixtapes. Get involved.
  • Did everybody know about Matt Bellassai from BuzzFeed? If yes, screw all of you, why didn’t anybody send me his videos? His web series Whine About It is one of the best things to hit the internet ever.

The Troll’s Pantry

The Troll's Pantry

OK so I know I told you about this exact burger in my Galentine’s Day post, so if you already read that then please do forgive me, I genuinely couldn’t write about my week without mentioning The Troll’s Pantry again. Their vegetarian menu is probably the most extensive in Brighton (I’m happy to be proved wrong) with just as many veggie choices as there are meat ones, and they care so fucking much about where all of their produce comes from, it’s incredibly inspiring. Make sure you like them on Facebook to see what I’m talking about. I’ve got a few burger joints on my list of places that I still need to try, but for now, please officially consider this the best place to get a burger in Brighton as far as I’m concerned. Not kidding.

But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner

But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner

Best friends who know you very well are particularly good at birthday gifts. Jess totally upped the game this year (no pressure for next month) with this recipe book and a couple of badass Harry Potter themed situations (hello golden snitch necklace). I am so picking up the vibes this book is putting down. It’s essentially aimed at disproving any excuse for not going vegan, so should make a really really interesting read for me. I can’t wait to try a couple of recipes, watch this space.

Love potions


Love Tea from Whittard's

As you lot know, I usually get a sneaky look at Whittard’s seasonal drinks when they’re released. This year’s Valentine’s range is so. cute. The featured image of this post is their raspberry ripple hot chocolate, and pictured above is their liquorice love tea. Perffffect for lounging around (alone) on Valentine’s Day.

Thank you!

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Just wanted to say a big big big big big thank you to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday on Twitter, it was so lovely to get happy vibes from the internet all day! Spesh mention to Emma for sending me birthday bunting. Legend.

How was your weekend? Give me all the deets. I want everything. C x

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  1. Glad you have had a fabulous Birthday weekend. Still cannot believe you are 21 it reminds me of how old I now am!!!!!!!!

  2. A music blog with mixtapes? Sounds right up my street, must check it out now! Thank you so much for sharing, and happy birthday to you, too πŸ™‚

  3. You make me feel so old Cate! πŸ˜› I’m so glad you loved your birthday bunting πŸ˜€ and had a great birthday weekend πŸ™‚ I reckon you’ll be able to milk turning 21 for another week at least! x x x

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