Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I’ve spent a lot of the week being one of those insufferable women that goes out dressed for entirely the wrong season and then complains of the cold. I’m not even sorry, I like my tiny brown suede spring jacket and I’ll wear it whenever I please even if the blood in my wrists freezes solid – I’m fairly sure that this has actually happened once or twice.

On that note, is it just me or is the air feeling just a little bit more like spring than it ought to at the tail end of February? Discuss.

  • Did we talk about the Fempire Podcast (since renamed Ladygang because copyright) already? Listening to badass, sexy, successful women is a very productive thing to do during your working week. Promise.
  • In the past couple of weeks I finally reached a healthy BMI according to the NHS calculator. I’m mulling over writing a post about my as yet undocumented journey in that arena, if you’d be interested to hear about it.. let me know.
  • I’ve decided that dancing like a woman possessed for at least 10 minutes at lunchtime is a very good way to make sure my brain survives the afternoon. On repeat this week: the latest Major Lazer banger and a classic from The Strokes.
  • The images in months issue of Bon Appetit were shot solely on iPhones. I’m kind of in awe.
  • Alexi Duggins slagged off fish and chips in The Guardian and it made me feel very defensive, patriotic, and hungry for fish and chips.
  • The pictures in this article by a journalist who ate solely fast food for a week reminded me why I cook for myself and desperately want other people to do the same.
  • When it comes to food science, Kenji literally always has our back. His piece on the real reason McDonalds burgers don’t rot made for a very interesting read.

The Best Things I Ate This Week

I miss picking 4 of my most favourite eats from my Veganuary updates last month, so I’m officially introducing it as a feature of Happy Sunday.

Top left – baked beans and potato smiley faces, just because.
Top right – I bought a variety pack of miniature cereal boxes because sometimes being an adult is just not an option and that’s OK.
Bottom left – a very delicious discovery: spring greens boiled for a few minutes, drained and cooked in soya single cream with lemon juice and lots of salt and pepper.
Bottom right – super creamy mash, boiled greens, and a shit tonne of gravy.

Belle Apron

I’ve found love in this apron, I love love love love love it. It’s so fitted and feminine and floaty and sophisticated and ugh, who knew you could feel so glamorous yet homely just by wearing an apron? It’s made by Belle Textiles, and I think you can pick it up in a fair few stores but it’s available for £22.95 at Steamer Trading. Thank you so much to Belle Textiles for kitting me out with this!

Vegan Nacho Cheese

You may or may not have heard the hype about the vegan mac & cheese/nacho cheese that you can make using potato and carrot as a base. I called bullshit on this every time I saw it on my feed, it sounded ridiculous, every time somebody talked about it I literally rolled my eyes. I’m here to be that bridge between you lot and the weird/curious world of actual veganism though, so I figured I should give it a shot.

It works. I had my mum try it too to make sure I hadn’t just gone insane from lack of cheese in recent weeks. She ate like five tablespoons whilst saying “I’m really convinced I’m eating cheese”, so there’s a ringing endorsement for you. It genuinely, hand on heart, tastes like the stuff you put on nachos. I’m gonna have some fun with this. Watch this space. Recipe here.

Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce

Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey is one of my favourite things to drink straight, it makes me feel like somebody Ron Swanson might be friends with, which is a big deal. The fact that it exists in BBQ sauce form is pretty much magical. It’s a firm favourite as a dip for spicy potato wedges, and I’m totally going to try “BBQ pulled sweet potato” at some point using it. To find out more about the JD BBQ sauce range, check out their website – big up the JD team for sending them over this week.

Update: I tried the BBQ pulled sweet potato, check it out. Delicious.

Alpro Yoghurt Green Smoothie Bowl

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been going all in on the green smoothie vibe lately, I’m insatiable. Alpro’s Make Over Your Morning campaign is inviting us to start the day with a great big smoothie bowl using their plant based yoghurts, a challenge I totally rose to. This baby is built from frozen mango and banana (to get that dessert-like as opposed to drinkable consistency), half an avocado, loads of spinach, a splash of soya milk, a dash of vanilla extract and Alpro plain with almond.

Do keep your eyes peeled for the big pots of plant based Alpro yoghurt in the chilled aisle at the supermarket, they’re a great dairy free alternative and make vegan switches even easier if you’re interested in dipping your toe in the water where that’s concerned!

How was your week? What’s new with you? Let. Me. Know.

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  1. Well done on your BMI, that’s a great achievement & damn hard work so hope you’re chuffed! I love the apron & I could definitely see me feeling glamourous in the kitchen bouncing around in that. Mini dance parties are the best re-energizers, as are the Strokes and big yes to the teeny cereal multipacks!

  2. I am too now ‘healthy’ according to BMI, by all but 1 point (I am cruising at 24!) But that’ll do, I’m happy now. No more grumbled from the Docs.
    Love the JD sauces too, used them a lot when BBQing last year 🙂
    Also your apron, WONDERFUL!
    🙂 x

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