Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Sunday Roast at The Geese Pub Brighton


I’ve been a little bit out of sorts this week. Exhibit A: today I didn’t eat anything at all until 4pm. Exhibit B: I have not tweeted in 16 hours, and I’ve only tweeted three times in the last two days. I’m alarmed, are you alarmed? Also the home screen button on my iPhone broke. I’m just a hot mess at the moment, bear with me.

  • Apparently, a third of us are eating less meat. This pleases me. Viva la small, slow and steady revolution.
  • It’s nice to go a little deeper sometimes, and these 40 words for emotions you’ve felt but couldn’t explain totally took me there.
  • I talk about This American Life a lot around here, and that’s because I think it genuinely makes me a better person to look into the lives of human beings once a week. This podcast is a gift, and if you’re not already on board, please consider changing that.
  • On repeat this week: baby makin’ music c/o Aluna George. I’ve started a few of my days dancing around in my underwear to Hot 8 Brass Band and those days have gone better than the days that did not start that way. You know what to do. Sidenote: that video is shot in Brighton, how sexy is my city in the summer??
  • I’ve also once again discovered the magic of the late night radio show. As a young teenager, I listened to Nick Grimshaw’s late slot on Radio 1 religiously (vibes included Emika among other dark and angsty perfect-for-teenager-cate artists) and at the moment I’m getting into Gideon Coe on 6 Music, specifically between 11pm and midnight.
  • The experiences of this Deliveroo driver (and, I presume, most others) made me very sad about the way some human beings treat some other human beings. Please remember not to be a dickhead.
  • I’m obsessed with the beautiful ladies over at Zusterchap, this is a good place to start if you’ve never heard of them. My choice quote from the article: “now some smart arse has found a way to make it ‘empowering’ – the type of empowerment that tricks women into posting pictures of their knockers on the internet for all the pervy guys who want to wank over Bic’s under tits”. You get the idea.


It’s rare that my family go out all together, even though there are only three of us, but on Sunday we just about managed it. The Geese Sunday roast is decent (featured image at the top of this post), good music, nice vibes, make sure you book a table. I ate chicken and then felt a bit guilty about it but I don’t get the pastry-parcel-as-veggie-option thing, it’s waaaay too heavy.

16 Southover Pub, Brighton, BN2 9UA

Sorry Sweat from Boo Hoo

I bought a new sweatshirt just to mess with people. The plan: everybody that looks at me immediately finds that Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ is stuck in their head for the rest of the day. Is it working? I have no idea, how does one measure the success of something like this? Was it still worth it though? Sure was, every penny of the £6 I spent on it. If you want ins on my evil plan, you can grab it here.

Vegan Burger at The Troll's Pantry

Vegan Burgers at The Troll's Pantry

My Dad was down this weekend giving me the perfect opportunity to show him how good the food is round these parts, obviously we hit up The Troll’s Pantry. I went for Gaea’s Bounty (totally vegan) and it was delicious. More importantly, my Dad chose the Matango on my recommendation and said it was “quite possibly the best burger I’ve ever had” which is high praise indeed for a veggie burger. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: go to The Troll’s Pantry.

The Hobgoblin, 31 York Place, Brighton, BN41 2WD


Absolut have given their vodka a sexy metallic makeover in this limited edition launch and they sent me a bottle of it to celebrate. It’s very pretty and I’m 100% going to make sophisticated cocktails at least once. I might neck the rest of it with Sainsbury’s basics tonic water but sophistication comes in baby steps and nobody gets there overnight (right?). Look out for fancy cocktail inspo next week.

Screenshot 2016-02-28 17.52.01

Guys, I was in a recipe book and I totally forgot to tell you about it. British Military Fitness asked me to write about my favourite healthy breakfast to inspire everyone to start the day as strong as possible and I went for eggs, salmon and chard on english muffins. It almost feels weird to say it now because I can’t imagine eating salmon or eggs at the moment but hey-o, it happened. Check out the other recipes here, they’re all wicked.

I think that’s everything this week. Time to stress about not having anything planned for Mother’s Day yet (it’s on Sunday, you’re welcome). Bye x

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  1. Yes to the roast! Feel no guilt, you’ve saved a serious number of animals from being eaten, having occasional meat and enjoying it is better than beating yourself up about it! You are the one who can decide which meals are vegan and which you give yourself flexability with! Alice xx


  2. Love a roast dinner! Roast dinners, family and sundays are somehow all stuck together, in our house anyway 🙂 Great idea with the jumper, so much fun to mess with people by getting an idea stuck in their head for the day as this is just the type of thing you’d go on thinking about for ages once you saw it. Hilarious.

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