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You’re Doing Instagram Wrong, Here’s Why


You instinctively click on posts with shitty headlines like this

that are determined to exploit your fear of not being good enough. Have a little respect for yourself, man. Who am I to tell you what you are or aren’t doing correctly on your own social media platforms? The God of Instagram? No, I’m just another douchebag millenial with a website. I don’t know any better than you.

This is a very short post to remind you that you’re the expert on expressing your own creativity on your own platforms, don’t let other people form your view of “right” and “wrong” based on their opinions. 

Have a good day love you bye.

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  1. If I could love this post I would. But I like it. I too am fed up of these things, we should all be individuals, yes social media means the same thing for us all, but why should we all have a theme. Why do we all have to use rose gold and marble backgrounds. Etc. My list could go ON. Do you social media the way you want too.

  2. So insightful, do you intend to carry on with a whole “how to” series? I ~LOVE~ content from bloggers aimed solely at other bloggers all about how to blog and how to write and how to wake up in the morning and how to chew.
    But seriously, you should do some of the above but in a similar manner as this as it would be hilarious.


  3. Claire says

    I’m definitely doing Instagram wrong. I take loads of pictures but then can’t be bothered to upload them immediately. Especially meals; I’m never going to fiddle and caption when there’s food waiting right in front of me. It’s become the eternal “I’ll do it later”.

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