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Can You Make Vegan Quiche With Chickpea Flour?

Vegan Quiche with Chickpea Flour

When Jess bought me But I Could Never Go Vegan for my birthday last month, the recipes that most piqued my interest were those that used chickpea flour as an egg substitute of sorts. It’s taken me over a month, but I finally popped to Taj over the weekend to pick up some chickpea flour and put that theory to the test. Ironically, I ended up rejecting the BICNGV recipes in favour of this one from One Green Planet. I decided the ones in the book were too fussy and I was feeling too lazy.

I’m intrigued by chickpea flour in a big way. I’ve already used up the little packet I bought at Taj but I’m gonna nip out and get some more (apparently it’s cheaper and available in larger quantities down the supermarket under the name of gram flour, thanks Twitter) to keep experimenting with vegan and gluten free situations. Chickpea flour is as it sounds, straight up ground up chickpeas, making it not a super stodgy carby thing to use, but a badass source of protein. Bonus points.

Chickpea Flour

I followed the recipe.. ish. Not quite to the letter. Alright, not to the letter at all. One Green Planet’s Chickpea Flour Quiches call for onions and peppers as the veg component. I didn’t have pepper in and onion sounded too boring so I grated some sweet potato, fried it off a little and added that instead. I also used garlic powder instead of fresh garlic, and onion powder, loads of chilli flakes, salt and pepper, and fresh dill. I was concerned that they’d be seriously lacking in flavour so may have overcompensated a little.

Chickpea flour, water, oil, herby spicy things and vegetables are all mixed together in a bowl (whisking gently is best, I think) and spooned into a muffin tin prepared with cooking spray. Baked in the hottest of hot ovens for about 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes but with the door open. This is apparently to cool it on the steam front, but I didn’t notice any steam.. maybe I was doing something wrong.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

They came out looking pretty much how they should have done, I think, so they were a success from that perspective. In terms of taste, I would put them at a steady “OK if your condiment game is strong” level. Even though I’d seasoned the f*ck out of them, they just weren’t bringing a lot to the table flavour wise. If I tried again, I’d go in even harder with the extra seasoning, because I think there’s a potential there but I just haven’t hit it yet. Their consistency also takes some getting used to. They came out somehow a little dry yet undercooked-feeling simultaneously, something I didn’t think possible. Side note here: isn’t me slagging off the recipe, cause I totally strayed from it and have never worked with chickpea flour before, I’m just filling you in on my experience.

Vegan Chickpea Flour Quiches

I’m probably not gonna rush to make these again, but me and chickpea flour are far from done, so watch this space – oh, and if you’ve got any great recipes for me to play with, hit me up!

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