Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Good Morning, losers. While you read this, I’m in London celebrating the very 1st birthday of one of my very favourite babies. I hope you’ve got equally lovely plans. Here’s some stuff.

  • On repeat this week: I miss my baby sister already, and this song reminds me of her sitting in her room and ignoring me, so I’m listening to it a lot. Also, Real by Years and Years has basically been the soundtrack to my weekend so far (s/o to Jess for bringing it to my attention).
  • You know I go crazy for food science. This super long article about perfecting smooth hummus did good things for me.
  • I love any and all “what’s in their fridge” articles, here’s one from this week – and it’s a bloody book excerpt! What a time to be alive.

This weather though

Brighton in the Sun

Brighton in the Sun

If you’ve never been to Brighton, or known anybody that lived here, then you might not know about the Brighton in the summer phenomenon. It gets pretty special out here once the sun gets warm and the days get hazy. I don’t know what it is exactly, but if there were a vibe competition running from July to September we would win it. Ask anyone. Anyway, it’s for that reason that we all get excited as soon as the weather starts to tease at something even slightly resembling sunshine round these parts, and it’s gently heading that way as we speak. SS16 is happening, slowly but surely.

I’ve stopped sitting still all day

Fitness Update

The sedentary lifestyle struggle is so real, most of us work jobs that have us sitting still in front of a computer screen for literally 9 hours a day. Making up for that by moving your body enough is not easy, and a total time consuming ballache, but I’m finally starting to prioritise it. I’ve started running(!!), I can only run for like one minute at a time before my body goes “Cate you gotta just walk for a bit or you’re gonna throw up” but I’ll get there slowly. I’ve been hitting 10,000 steps almost every day – way harder than it sounds – by taking the dog for long walks and getting down to the seafront to see the starlings most evenings. My yoga practice is finally at a consistent level and I’m currently on a mission to do the splits (using these prep poses). I can’t express keenly enough how much better I feel for all of the above, get into it if you’re not already.

Shut up and talk about food already

Eats of the Week

Best things I ate this week that I took pictures of arrrrre top left: bulgar wheat with roast squash and black olives top right: soya mince (Asda’s own, recommend) with red pesto, tomato puree and one grated garlic clove served with shredded iceberg lettuce bottom left: that day I ate broccoli for breakfast, someone let Jamie Oliver know for me please bottom right: St Paddy’s dinner, spaghetti with broccoli and pea lemony creamy sauce.

Sacla Sunblush Tomato Pesto

You know how much I love sounding the new product alarm, I’ve got a cracker for you this week. Sacla have just launched No.12 Sunblush Tomato pesto* and it’s every bit as good as it sounds. I know that pesto is “super-easy-to-make-and-it-takes-less-than-five-minutes-and-why-would-you-ever-buy-it-from-a-jar” but it’s much like houmous in that way, I’d really rather somebody else made it for me to a consistently good standard, and that’s what Sacla do. I caramelised some onions then added a glug of soya cream, one heaped tablespoon of this stuff and mixed in some cooked pasta and it was just. so. good. Look out for the jar at your local supermarket if you’re into red pesto!

Lindt Dark Easter Egg

Another week, another delicious easter egg. This is the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Egg* and it comes with cutie tiny little mini eggs that I ate all of in one sitting. Dark chocolate is like super healthy though, right? Don’t answer that. Thanks.

Meantime Chocolate Porter Beer

On St. Patrick’s Day, I drank chocolate beer. Yeah, seriously, beer that tastes like chocolate, for reals. I would 100% take a Meantime Chocolate Porter* over an Easter egg next weekend. Not kidding, add it to your shopping list (if you like beer) and thank me later.

And finally

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

After Veganuary, I set my sights on exploring the realms of confirmed cruelty free cosmetics and toiletries. The team at Discount Supplements spotted the beginning of my search on Twitter and kindly offered to start me off with some Faith in Nature Grapefruit & Orange shampoo and conditioner. I had desperately hoped that this would be a new go-to for me, but unfortunately it just didn’t get on with my hair and left it pretty dry and miserable. The scent, however, was delicious, so it might still be worth giving it a try – all tresses behave differently, as far as I’m aware. DS also stock Weleda, another cruelty free brand, if I’ve unwittingly put you off Faith in Nature!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – don’t forget, calories do not count on Sundays. x

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If something is marked with an asterisk (*) in this post, that means it was sent to me by a brand or PR company for feature on Cate in the Kitchen.


  1. Green dinner for Paddy’s day…can’t believe I never thought of that! Thanks for the beer recommendation, I’ll be on the look out for that one as I do like trying new craft beers… and if it’s Sunday sure I can drink it WITH the Lindt egg – no need to choose between them when it’s Sunday 😉

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