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Dumplings: A Pretty Good Chinese Takeaway In Brighton

Dumplings Takeaway Brighton Deep Fried Shredded Chilli Chicken

Ordering a takeaway round here – and, I presume, anywhere else – is a leap of blind faith. Spending almost £20 on food for just you (I only do it when I’m hungover, promise) is risky business. The pain when it turns out to be a bit shit is a real achey heart one, it cuts me deep when a takeaway doesn’t make me as happy as I was hoping it might. I’ve found a new place that isn’t shit, so I thought I’d let you know about it.  

My go-to when fatally hanging was once Bhindi’s, for delicious delicious generic curry (korma, peshwari naan, bhajis and saag paneer in case any of you ever need to know my Indian order). Unfortunately for them and me, they keep failing their hygiene inspections miserably – and I mean miserably – so I can no longer enjoy any food from their kitchen, and really rather regret all the times I did before.

In my fragile, sofa-bound, Bhindi’s-less state, I asked the world what their favourite takeaway was around here these days. A few people said Dumplings. Here we are. I ordered through JustEat, but have since been told that they charge rather extortionate commission to the restaurants, so I recommend you give them a call instead of ordering online. I’ll leave contact information at the bottom of this post.

Dumplings Takeaway Brighton Vegetables In Satay Sauce

mixed vegetables in satay sauce, £4

Dumplings Takeaway Brighton Chicken Buns

chicken buns, £4

Dumplings Takeaway Brighton Deep Fried Shredded Chilli Chicken

crispy shredded chilli chicken, £4.40

Dumplings Takeaway Brighton Banana Fritters

banana fritters, £2.50

The only dish I didn’t finish was the vegetables in satay, they’d turned ever so slightly to mush and just weren’t delicious. The chicken buns were interesting, but super super sweet so be prepared for that. I’m a die hard fan of deep fried chilli beef, so was intrigued to see this in chicken form (is that normal?? Have I missed it on other menus??) and wasn’t at all disappointed. Just the right amount of crunchy, far too sweet (obvi, but that’s how I like it when I’m recovering from poor life choices), and spicy too. The banana fritters were great, and the syrup they were sat in didn’t taste like it was hideously cheap, which is always a nice touch.

It’s not going to blow your mind, but it’s not a shit takeaway. Therefore, I recommend it. In the comments, hit me up with your Chinese and Indian takeaway orders, you know how I love to learn small and insignificant facts about you.

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  1. I live for pineapple in anything. Sweet and sour is a go too, but pineapple curries from Indians.
    I had no idea about Just Eat, how cheeky. I’ll make sure I’m ringing somewhere next time.

    • Yeah I didn’t either, sucks doesn’t it! Only reason I’ve used it before is convenience with payment (loads of places don’t take card) but I’ll just start making sure I’ve got cash!!

  2. Crispy chili chicken has been a regular in our house on the Chinese takeaway front but then I live in Ireland so maybe the Chinese menu is slightly different here… Salt & chilli chicken wings, spring rolls, hot & sour soup and singapore noodles keep me very happy, even if it is crate of food for 1 person!

  3. Kelly says

    Ordered smoked spicy chicken in batter…..No chicken in it whatsoever quite dissapointed

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