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#fdbloggersBTL Day 1: I miss ketchup

Live Below The Line Fried Egg Sandwich

Let’s just get this out the way: I let my friend buy me a beer today, but it’s because she’s leaving town and I won’t see her for 10 weeks and it was all just an “I need a beer” moment. I’m punishing myself immediately by crossing off two of the cans I’d bought so that it doesn’t fully count as cheating. Are we uncovering a minor alcohol problem? It’s entirely possible. Anyway, the food.

It’s really not that bad yet. I had beans on toast for breakfast, an underwhelming yet not unusual choice for me. When I got hungry a few hours later I made a fried egg sandwich – less impressive through its lack of ketchup and butter, but far from inedible. I went out and did some stuff, then came home and made a pasta sauce out of peas, yoghurt and garlic (I’ll post a recipe at some point this week) and ate it with 100g pasta. I do not at all feel even a little bit as though I haven’t eaten enough today. I do feel, though, like I’m gonna really cherish ketchup even more than I did before once this week is out, because fried stuff just isn’t as delicious without it.

The only thing I have to moan about at this point is the insane headache I have from not having had any caffeine at all. If you’ve ever quite caffeine before, hit me up with a good fix that somehow doesn’t involve spending money on other food and drink.. if there is one.

On a final note before I go (I’m gonna keep these daily posts pretty short) I wanted to address the people who think they could have done a lot better on this challenge and have reprimanded me for buying “processed shit” (stuffs being going down in Facebook comments that I’ve seen as this challenge has been shared more and more widely). Feel free to take on this challenge yourself and show me how to do it better, it’s my first time, I’m just a human being doing a thing, I’m not trying to be the best in the world at the thing, I’m just documenting it on my bit of the internet. Maybe chill a little and just let me do the damn thing how I’m doing it.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve started well, really love the sound of the pasta dish tbh! And I understand that processed shit thing; I remember seeing on Food and Drink, Arabella Weir said ‘if you were on your last 30p, would you buy a pack of digestive biscuits or 1 organic apple?’ and clearly the biscuits would be the way to go! Have you spent that remaining 28p on anything?

    • I haven’t no, I’m sort of saving it for 1p salt and oil deposits – but perhaps I’ll try and hunt down a packet of own brand biscuits somewhere…

      • If I remember rightly, Aldi/Lidl have biscuits for that price but not certain! I would have done the challenge (and probably failed epically!) but I’ll pretty much be doing it every week at uni next year anyways 😜

  2. Eh, you’re doing great and I don’t know anyone else who’s done anything like this, so until such busy-bodies do it themselves, they should keep their judgmental rudeness to themselves. Just saying. On with the positivity – have a great day tomorrow!

  3. This is a great project that you’re doing, don’t let others get you down about it! I’ll be having to drastically limit my food budget soon enough and am definitely getting inspiration from you!

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