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#fdbloggersBTL Day 3

On Tuesday morning, I’ll admit to being grumpy upon waking up. When I remembered that I was having beans on toast again, I made a weird just-woke-up groany noise that I hope never to make again. Then when I checked out the response to my challenge so far across various comments sections, I got way grumpier and wanted to pack the whole challenge in.

I think my mistake with BTL has been taking it too lightly. I bought beer to make you lot laugh (regular readers got the joke, people who just got here didn’t) and have been attempting to make light of the whole thing. This is because it’s really not a big deal for me to eat a bit less for a week, in the rest of my life I have the luxury of eating whatever I fancy whenever I fancy. Therefore, I don’t feel comfortable at all moaning about eating less or complaining in really any way at all, so I’m keeping it pretty upbeat. If I could go back and not take part in this challenge I would, because the hostility I’ve had around it has been pretty unpleasant and easily the worst aspect of this. Reminiscent, I’d say, of how people speak about the way those on benefits spend their money as though it’s any of their business. I hate to think of anyone thinking poorly of me (much as I loathe to admit that) and I despise the thought that I might somehow be downplaying or exploiting the experiences of people who actually can’t afford to get decent food on the table. I’ll carry on with it (cause from this side of the day there’s only another day left) but it’s leaving me uneasy.

It’s a very valid point that I could have used this project as an opportunity to demonstrate how to eat well on a fiver for five days without taking any cooking basics for granted, aka starting with completely empty cupboards. But that would have taken a lot of time and effort, neither of which are things I have available to me in huge amounts at the moment – nor do people working backbreaking jobs on low income, I should imagine. I just went down the supermarket and got what I could find on my budget, that was the whole point of this challenge for me, so I really do apologise if my approach is a disappointment to some of you, but to me it’s an authentic representation of what I’d do (and, occasionally, what I do do) if I’m suddenly faced with a knock down food budget.

Anyway, notes from Day 3:

  • I’m getting really sick of fried stuff
  • I miss leafy greens, and feel empty not in the hungry sense but just lacking in general nutrition
  • I’m smoking a lot more than I would usually (I quit a year ago but have been known to smoke the occasional emergency roll up)
  • I could fancy a coffee but the caffeine withdrawal symptoms are long gone
  • I’m really missing mucking about in the kitchen with different foods, which is kind of what I live to do, so I’m looking forward to Friday…


  1. “Reminiscent, I’d say, of how people speak about the way those on benefits spend their money as though it’s any of their business.”
    Mate, you’ve hit the nail on the head there…it’s none of their business how you undertake this challenge. The fact that you are doing it is entirely commendable in itself. If they could do it better, then they should. Actions speak louder etc.

  2. You know you have serious camera skills when you can make just slices of bread look that good – I want to make french toast now 🙂 I think it would be the leafy greens that I’d seriously miss too but at least it’s something else to look forward to enjoying come Friday…

  3. Anonymous says

    Why the haters??? Crikey, your not making light of it just giving it a go… Stoopid peeps!

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