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Have You Ever Done This With Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee Tomato Juice

This post is in collaboration with BRITA

Has anybody mentioned to you yet that it’s UK Coffee Week? I find it hard to believe that at all possible, but just in case, here I am to keep you in the loop at the very, very tail end of the week. What would you do without me, for real? BRITA just so happen to be sponsoring this caffeine love in, and they invited me to put one of their water filters to good use with some cold brew and get creative with it.

BRITA filter

Shamefully, I had no idea how to make cold brew coffee before I started preparing for this blog post, I’d make a truly terrible hipster (but that kind of makes me glad, so it’s swings and roundabouts). I’d imagined cold brew to be the exact same thing as.. er.. hot brew.. but with cold water, but it’s actually more of a labour of love than that – and takes like 24 hours. Is it worth it? Hells yes, there’s like nothing fancier than cold brew coffee made with filtered water, I felt like an actual Queen.

Cold Brew Coffee with BRITA

Cold brew coffee has strong potential as a solid new weekend activity for me, as do both recipes I tried using the stuff. This summer is set to involve so much icy coffee, I want it to become my thing. Like “oh here she is with another cold brew concoction, classic Cate”, that’s where I want this to get to. This is so happening.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve tried so far. Starting with the Wake-Up Mary…

Wake-Up Mary

OK, bear with me, cause this sounds seriously gross – or at least it did to me when I first read the recipe. Tomato juice and coffee? Ew. No. Get. It’s actually not terrible at all though, and I look forward to pepping it up with some vodka next time I’ve got a hangover. So like.. tomorrow, probably.

The basics: 75ml cold brew coffee over crushed ice followed by a squeeze of lemon juice and a little sugar syrup then a few glugs of tomato juice. The rest is up to you. Just chuck all of your favourite Bloody Mary nonsense in there and you really can’t go far wrong.

Coffee Chocolate Milk

Coffee and vegan chocolate milk. Does it get better than that? Not really, no. Pour 100ml cold brew coffee over ice and top with chocolate milk (I use Alpro soya) and you’re done. Probably keep out of reach of children.. just a thought.

If you wanna try your hand at filtered cold brew, you can grab a BRITA water jug just like mine from Amazon.

Have you celebrated Coffee Week? I wanna know how. Hit me up.

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