Happy Sunday
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Happy Tuesday (Sorry)

Happy Tuesday

This is very late. Instead of a post for you to leisurely peruse with some kind of fancy coffee that you save for the weekends, I’m giving you something that you only have time to hurriedly skim on your break. Sorry sorry sorry. I don’t even have a good excuse, I went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, and by Sunday I just wasn’t really a human being capable of writing words.

Stuff like this might (I say might because who knows, maybe I’ll get my shit together easier than I’m betting) happen over the next couple of weeks, I’ve just picked up a few shifts a week that are gonna have me working long into the night, so I might need some time to work out how I’m gonna fit the rest of my life around that. Bear with me, I’m totally worth it.

  • Bon Appetit’s Alex and Josh tried out some weird beer flavours with commentary that made for interesting reading.
  • I couldn’t agree more with Rachel Cooke’s parting statement in this article: “If we each of us knew just eight proper, wholesome recipes by heart, the world be a better, happier place.”
  • Beans and weight loss. There’s a reason I lost so much weight so quickly that time I did the slow carb diet (although that diet had so many problems).
  • In memory of cereal box prizes. Where the hell did those things go?
  • We lost Prince, too early. Here’s how my hometown dealt. Brighton I will love you forever and always.


Pomora Olive Oil


I made bread! I used the Paul Hollywood focaccia recipe and got nowhere near the rise I should have gotten, I probably kneaded it wrong or upset a baker in a past life, I don’t know. What is it with bread, am I right? Flavours boosted and made stupidly fancy and classy and delicious by Falksalt wild garlic salt* and Pomora garlic olive oil* (good quality enough to dip bread in, fyi). All garlic everything.


Peanut butter specifically for dogs exists and my dog really likes it. It’s called Peamutt Butter* and it hasn’t got any added salt or sugar so it’s better for the mutt than most brands. Is it a gap in the market that’s finally been filled? Nah, course not, dogs can 100% eat any and all peanut butter. Am I gonna get another jar of this to put in a Christmas stocking for Molly because novelty? Yeah, of course I am.

Mumbai Express

I ate more shit food than I ever want you to find out about last week, it’s been a turbulent few days. This curry from Mumbai Express on Sunday was a highlight. The dog eating all the leftovers was a real low point. I’m still pissed at her.


I watched almost an entire season of Hell’s Kitchen and all of the episodes of Cooked by Michael Pollan this week. You know the deal with HK, lots of shouting, not a whole lot of food, “it’s fucking raw” said at least ten times an episode. It’s mildly comforting in it’s infuriating formulaic tendencies.

Cooked is on a whole new level though. It’s beautifully shot and has some really insightful shit to say about food. I found the episode about bread particularly fascinating. 100% recommend.

See you soon. Ish. I hope. C x

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*anything marked with an asterisk in this post was sent to me by a PR company or brand for feature on Cate in the Kitchen


  1. Right – I just cannot make bread…no matter what I do, EVERY time it comes out like a rock! It’s also a good justification for my baking scones, cakes and pastries instead 😉

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